Random Panel: Great moments in bad guesses


9 Responses to Random Panel: Great moments in bad guesses

  1. DJ says:

    A cube of soap belonging to the one known as TYLER DURDEN!

  2. Bin Laden’s next nefarious plan is to hurl bars of soap at the White House.

  3. DJ says:

    Nah Anthony. Its shoes. The soap is just a distraction. He is creating a new team of “Shoeicide Bombers” 🙂

  4. nate says:

    DJ, that just made my day

  5. DJ says:

    *bows* ty ty. Now if only that funny transfers over to the caption contest!

  6. EnderX says:

    They already tried the Shoeicide bombers. Remember Jose Padillo(sp?)

  7. EnderX says:

    I think it was him, at least. May have been another one.

  8. DJ says:

    Yeah but these are thrown shoeicide bombs. Thankfully G.W.Bush has enhanced reflexes or he woulda sploded.

  9. Frankie says:

    Prison inmate tactics. They “accidently” drop the soap. When they bend down to pick it up, they secretly carve out a cube and “hide the soap”, which they later smuggle out of the prison when they get a conjegle(sp) visit.