Poll Position: Tough enough

Let's get away from all that "Who can beat the snot out of whom" stuff and try something a little more thoughtful:


Discussion below the fold.

  1. Not tell anyone and go into a dangerous line of work like police, firefighting, etc. This has several advantages. First, you could live a normal life without being hunted by various powerful groups. Second, you could do some real good, helping to save both regular folks and your fellow public servants. Finally, it has a paycheck, unlike regular old super-heroing.
  2. Put on a costume and fight crime directly, like in comics. Cool, obviously, but you have to worry about secret identities, identifying the criminals, protecting your loved ones, making enough money to get by, and -- most importantly -- designing a costume. All very daunting.
  3. Not change anything, just go about your life as usual, content that you can't be hurt. What's the point of being invulnerable if you're just going to keep on being a slacker? Well my friend, if you have to even ask that, it's clear you don't understand the Zen of Slacking.
  4. Parlay your unusual ability into fame and fortune by putting together an "illusionist" type of show and touring. On the plus side, you get fame and fortune without having to worry about being tortured to death. On the negative side, you'd have to talk to Jay Leno.
  5. Tell the government and let them decide how best to use you. Yeah. Right.
  6. Become a criminal, using your power to control the mob. You'd certainly win their respect with your toughness. But since you don't have super-strength or anything, they could still beat you down, tie you to a cement block, and let you enjoy your long life as the most invulnerable person on the bottom of the lake.

So given all that, I think I'd probably go with ... becoming a policeman or firefighter. Although I suppose really that just makes me a coward, since I want to do good, but am letting the fear of getting hurt stand in my way.

What would you choose?