Poll Position: Wolverine the Hunted

These "Who would be best to fight whoever" polls seem to be popular, so we'll give it one more go with everyone's favorite hero-on-the-edge, Wolverine:


Discussion to follow.

Unlike the previous question, before you can get to the "bringing back" part, you have to accomplish the "find him" part. Hulk rampaging through a major metropolitan area = easy, Wolverine gone feral and into hiding = hard. So while Superman might be tops for bringing Logan back, his X-Ray vision isn't going to be all that useful. With that in mind, here are my thoughts on who I put on the list and why.

  1. Batman: I'd pay cash money to see Batman fight Wolverine, and so would you. If you're over the age of thirty, you might not admit to your buddies that you went out and bought the issue, but it'd have drool stains on it just the same. Batman has experience tracking down feral-type characters (Killer Croc, etc.) and if he can beat Superman, he can probably handle adamantium claws.
  2. Boba Fett: He's one of the best bounty hunters in the whole galaxy, man! Granted, that galaxy is far, far away, but in comics all things are possible.
  3. Cyclops: How much do you want to bet that Scott "accidentally" blasts Logan into smithereens while trying to apprehend him? Nothing like a little rabid-mammal-on-telepath jealousy to make the hunt personal.
  4. Dr. Fate: I just want to see how well magic and DC-style mysticism would play against hard-core Marvel gritty blood and guts. Can adamantium cut through the Mystic Bonds of Nabu?
  5. Iron Man: A classic match-up, still fun to consider even though it's been done before. I am sure that the vast resources of Stark International could combine to find one whacked-out hack and slasher, and surely the armor could corral Wolverine.
  6. Kraven the Hunter: Look, if he can't bring in Spider-Man, I doubt he'd do much good against Wolverine. But he's got "Hunter" right there in his name, at least you could return his phone calls yo?
  7. Punisher: The title of this issue would unofficially have to be "Maximum Collateral Damage". Plus, Frank has a long history of tracking down those who don't want to be found, giving him a decent shot of locating Logan in the first place.
  8. Sabertooth: Done to death, but watching these two duke it out is always a hoot.
  9. Spawn: I admit it, I just want someone to slice all those freaking chains off already.
  10. Spider-Man: Spidey-senses lead him to the target, status as Marvel's flagship property let him win. Simple.

Joking aside, the comic I'd most like to read would be Batman-Wolverine. I also think Batman would have the best shot of bringing Wolverine in alive and well. Of course given Logan's healing powers, you wouldn't really have to worry all that much about safe and gentle capture methods, but still.

So who would you tap for the job?