Caption Contest 32 Winner

For the first time in the history of the Caption Contest, we have a back-to-back winner, as Caption Contest 32 goes once again to Whit!


I still haven't gotten him his first prize illustration, so I guess I might as well be in to him for two of them! Congratulations to Whit and everyone else who entered. The honorable mentions were:

  • Yusuf Mumtaz: Long story short, this is what happens when you mix booze and super glue…
  • Fishpants: Let’s see ya track me on radar this year, NORAD!
  • Will: Well, I know a couple of drinking buddies who are going straight to the naughty list!

Keep an eye out for Caption Contest 33 and your chance to win your very own custom black and white illustration of whatever you like, every Tuesday at!