Poll Position: Voting for an Evil Overlord

This week's poll position is:


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No one wants to be in the position of having to appoint an evildoer to rule the world, but hey, Presidential elections come every four years whether you like it or not. Kidding, I kid, honestly! Sadly, through some quirk of comic-book fate, you the innocent reader have been appointed Decider in Chief for choosing which evil overlord will rule the world in order to save the planet and all life therein. Or something suitably dramatic, a reason which makes sort-of-sense at the time you're reading it, only to come back like a bad burrito a few hours later as the "cool" factor wears off and you really start thinking about it.

Regardless, here are your contenders, and what I, your humble resident blogger, think about each.

  1. Apocalypse: I don't know much about Apocalypse, but we've gotten a glimpse into the world as it would be should he come to rule and it ain't pretty. I'd pass, thank you very much. On the other hand, knowing ahead of time what he'd do, you could make a killing on the real estate market, at least until he disemboweled you for insider trading.
  2. Brainiac: Hey, Krypton was a pretty kick-butt place until he let it blow up. He's got experience with the job, anyway, and at least he wouldn't force your sister to be his concubine or anything. Your fridge, on the other hand, is definitely at risk.
  3. Darkseid: I could never vote for someone who appointed a sadist named Granny Goodness to his cabinet. Pass.
  4. Dr. Doom: Victor does have executive experience, which is a big plus. Granted, it's the tiny nation of Latveria, which is subsidized by heavy taxes from its richer EU cousins or something, so it hardly counts. And it's possible that once his dreams of global domination are achieved, he would calm down and do a decent job of keeping the trains running on time. On the other hand he might not, and it doesn't do you a lot of good to get to your train on time if it's then eaten by some demon from Hell he "accidentally" summoned.
  5. Gorilla Grodd: Admit it, being ruled by an ape smarter than you can't be worse than at least half of the US Presidents. Oh sure, he'd eat your face, but trust me, the rest of us would get over the loss in time.
  6. Ironmonger: You might think running a huge multinational corporation would look good on a resume, and it would. Getting your butt kicked by Morton Downey, Jr., however, is not. And being related to half of "Dumb and Dumber" instantly disqualifies you.
  7. Kingpin: There's not a lot of difference between running a government and running a large criminal underground organization, now is there? Sure, we'd have to refit all the doors on the White House to extra-wide, but that's a small price to pay for having a man in charge who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to kill Daredevil to get it.
  8. Lex Luthor: See the "Kingpin" entry, only moreso. I have a pretty good feeling that Lex would be a great ruler so long as his ego is stroked appropriately. No mass killings or country-wide rapes for the Luthor Administration, just good old fashioned profiteering, and that's practically a virtue in this day and age.
  9. Magneto: I could probably be convinced that some of his reforms would be good, but the "Kill All Homo-Sapiens Act" would probably lose me. Like, forever.
  10. Ra's al Ghul: I doubt you could convince Ra's to step into the light of day long enough to take the job, but you're welcome to try.

So who would you pick, and why?