Caption Contest 27: Crack is WHAKT, baby!

The Mighty God King is deciding now on the winner of Caption Contest 26, but while we tremble in fear awaiting his selection we can go ahead with Caption Contest 27. In keeping with Rob Liefeld Week, I challenge you to come up with the funniest possible dialog to put in the balloon of the following Rob Liefeld Panel:


You can tell it's a Rob Liefeld Panel because a) there are no feet present, b) everyone's mouth is at an anatomically impossible angle and c) there's no background. What will differentiate it this time around, however, is that you are going to make it at least have funny dialog. As always, here are the Three Laws of Funny Captioning:

  1. A maximum of three submissions per person.
  2. Entries should be made in the comments to this post.
  3. Keep it clean, appropriate for a prime-time network sitcom broadcast only, you know, funny.

The winner will receive a free custom black and white illustration by yours truly of whatever they like (within reason), so get that Funny Cap on and get busy!