Poll Position: Fatherhood

Not all fathers are super, but not all supers are good fathers. I'm not sure what brought it up this week, but I got to thinking about what makes a good father, and what makes a good super-hero, and whether there was much overlap between the two. The fact is, we don't have a lot of examples of comic book characters who are also parents, the notable exception being Reed and Sue Richards and their son Franklin. So here's our question of the week:


I included some villains in there too because hey, some people want to inherit the Evil Empire, you know? And I added a caveat that you won't inherit their powers because otherwise the question becomes basically "Whose powers do you want", which I've done before. I wanted to instead get you thinking about the qualities of fathers and supers and where the intermix.

From a purely mercenary perspective, of course, there are some people who would answer based on financial considerations -- why get Peter Parker's kitty full of nothin' when you could be the King of Latvia, after all? But then, you have to consider what Victor Von Doom would be like as a day-to-day dad.

I look forward to hearing what you all think about the choices, and why you choose what you do.