Comic Book Improv

Would you be interested in a web comic whose heroes, major plot points, villains, settings, and more were controlled in part by you and your votes? My wife's pretty amazing, and she had that idea some months ago and now I want to know what you think about it.

Basically people could design a character look in HeroMachine and submit it. From those entries I'd pick the top ten or whatever for everyone to vote on. Whichever look got the most votes would be chosen as the "star" of the web comic, and we'd then have a contest for what he or she (or it, I suppose) would be named, powers, background, etc. Once all that was voted on, we'd have submissions and votes for the general topic of the first issue, for villains, supporting characters, etc.

Once it was set up, the idea would be that pretty much everything in it would be decided by voters, introducing a random quality that (obviously, given the rest of this blog!) tickles my fancy. I'd actually write and draw it, of course, but the elements would be from reader submissions. Sort of "Comic Book Improv".

If we get bored with the first character, more could be introduced. We might even have a "shared world" sort of thing going on, where all the characters would operate in the same setting but would have separate careers and adventures for the most part.

I see it as being along the lines of "Invincible", if any of you read that, where a new mind-blowingly-cool character is introduced seemingly in every other panel, sometimes never to be heard from again. I see it coming out every week once it gets going, each installment incorporating whatever was voted on before.

Anyway, it's been kicking around in my head since my wife suggested it, but now I'm starting to get a bit more serious about it and wanted to throw the doors open to discussion of the basic idea. Is it something you'd be interested in participating in as a voter or reader? Or does it seem pointless? Well, I mean, of course it seems pointless, we're talking about comics, not ending world hunger, but you know, given that.