Caption Contest 23: Maximum Haberdashery!

Haven't you ever wondered what goes through the mind of one of Jack Kirby's characters as they dress up in whatever outlandish outfit Jack designed for them? Well now's your chance to find out! Come up with the best caption for the comic book panel below and, if your entry is selected, you’ll win your very own custom black and white illustration of whatever you like (within reason)!


Be sure to note in your entry which balloon gets what dialog. For instance:

Balloon1: By Odin, the women at church this week will have to admit that my hat is best! And if not ...
Balloon2: I BLAST THEM!!

As always, the rules are simple: Only three entries per person, put your dialog in the comments to this post, and keep it relatively clean (as in, appropriate for a broadcast TV sitcom).

Good luck everyone!