FaceMaker updated again

As just one example of how you can directly impact a real piece of software, I have updated the FaceMaker beta with a suggestion from YahooGroups member Peter Boughton. He pointed me to a grid of good skin tone colors and suggested I create a feature where you can apply the current item's color to anything with skin. I cranked it out this morning and it's now up at http://www.heromachine.com/ugo/facemaker5.htm.

All of the HeroMachine-based apps have improved by orders of magnitude thanks to people like Peter, willing to take the time to share their points of view and making great suggestions. Many thanks to him and to the hundreds of people over the years who have directly contributed to these applets.

I look forward to even more and better suggestions going forward, so if the thought of helping to contribute to a real piece of software appeals to you, get in there and start thinking!