Top Ten Super-Hero Movies

On the heels of the first half of this summer's remarkable super-hero movie spree, and in anticipation of seeing "Dark Knight" and "Hell Boy 2", I wanted to put my thoughts in order (literally) about what I consider my personal top ten super-hero films of all time. So without further ado, here goes:

  1. Iron Man: This is the only super-hero movie I can think of that I like better than any comic book issue featuring the character.
  2. Batman Begins: The definitive Batman film, dark, dangerous, engrossing, cool, and fun all rolled up into one.
  3. The Incredibles: Often overlooked because it wasn't a comic book first, but this is a great, great genre film, with characters you really care about, special effects that are completely cool, and a perfect mix of humor and action.
  4. Spider-Man 2: I like Doc Ock as a villain in this movie, and although it didn't have as hot a moment as that upside-down kiss from Spider-Man 1, the action sequences and overall story line more than make up for it.
  5. Superman, The Movie: Would've ranked higher if not for that horrible song in the middle when he's flying with Lois Lane.
  6. X2: X-Men United: I like sequels better because you don't waste a lot of time having to lay down background, and this movie fills that added breathing room with fantastic action and super-hero goodness. The opening sequence with Nightcrawler bamf-ing around the White House is awesome. Plus, Halle Barry finally gave up on the accent, which was a blessed relief.
  7. The Rocketeer: Two words: Jennifer Connelly. She couldn't save Hulk, but she was younger and hotter here. Plus I thought the whole "pulp" genre needed representation on the list.
  8. Mystery Men: The best super-hero comedy, hands down. Of course there are only, what, three names on the entire list of "super-hero comedies", but still.
  9. Superman II: Right up there with "Wrath of Khan" on the "Great Sequels" list, I love the sheer ass-kickery of this film. I'd have ranked this higher if it hadn't been for Superman giving up his powers for Margo freaking Kidder.
  10. Batman: A bit dated (like the Superman movies), but I feel it deserves a spot both because Michael Keaton was so surprisingly convincing as Batman, and because it's just good fun. It definitely loses points for age and for the obligatory "hero reveals secret identity to hot babe" scene, but I think you can honestly say if it weren't for "Batman", few of the other super-hero movies would have gotten made.

I'd love to hear your top ten in comments, or what you think of this list -- additions, deletions, oversights, outrages, etc. And I hope I'll have to clear out two of them to make room for "Dark Knight" and "Hell Boy 2"!