FaceMaker Preview

For those of you willing to roll the dice on a very early beta program, I'd love to hear what you think of the first pass at the FaceMaker applet I've been working on. Only about half of the item slots have content, but the feature set is complete and I think there's enough "there" there to get a sense of how it's all going to operate. If you get a chance in the next few days, please head over to the temporary home for the beta and give it a twirl:


If your Internet connection is a bit on the slow side, be advised that the applet is about 540KB.

I'm going to be slammed until Monday or Tuesday working on a custom HM-style designer for UGO (last minute deal, huge rush, etc.) so I won't be tinkering with FaceMaker at all, making this the perfect time to gather feedback. Some things to look out for:

* Did the "Save" (i.e. Save as a JPG) feature work for you?
* Does the scaling feature work properly and act as you'd expect?
* Does being able to drag the features around help put together the right image?
* Do you like the ability to save your custom colors while you're working?
* What kind of content is missing that you would want to be there in the final version (either whole new item slot categories or items within a category)?
* Any other thoughts you have about the applet overall, or about specific features, or anything in between.

Let me know what you think, any changes you think should be made to make it better, whether you think it's worthwhile or not, how the interface works for you, concerns or reservations you have, or even (goodness forbid!) things you like about it.

Thanks in advance for any input you want to make!