Caption Contest 6: Hicks and Chicks

Here's your weekly Caption Contest challenge:


I'm starting a new rule this week -- no more than three entries per person per contest.

The prize for the winning entry is a free custom black and white illustration of whatever you like (within reason). To enter, make a comment below containing the dialog you would put in this scene. For example:

Top Word Balloon: Welcome back to "Dancing With the Undead Stars!" I'm your hostess, Draculette. Before the break,
Middle Word Balloon:poor Clark here gave quite a tasty performance, but he's just been voted off.
Bottom Word Balloon: Permanently.

Put on those thinking caps and come up with your best funny line and you too could win your very own professional illustration!

19 Responses to Caption Contest 6: Hicks and Chicks

  1. bobby rasco says:

    top word balloon:Ahhh, fresh Blood!just a minute isnt this bob the cleaner!
    Middle word balloon:oh my god what have i done.Mr Draculas going to be so furious!
    Bottom word balloon:err im glad i had a old tradditional vampire affair with him,Mr Draculas crap!

  2. Dan Burns says:

    Ballon 1 “What! Can’t a girl even get a bite without someone taking a picture!”

    Ballon 2 “Damn paparazzi! Leave me alone!”

    Ballon 3 “I’ll sue you!”

  3. Ashton Jakobson says:

    1: The doctor said I had to get more fruits in my diet.

    2: Now I eat adam’s apples and neck-tarines everyday!

    3: Yummy!

  4. Jason says:

    What officer? No no, he’s fine.

    All I did was smile and he passed right out.It’s kinda disturbing how often this happens, actually.

    Wish I knew why.

  5. Count Libido says:

    1: After a heavy meal of blood and flesh, my breath is a little less than fresh!

    2: That’s why I chew Rigor-Mentos…

    3: …the death maker!

  6. Benwah says:

    1. Shoot. Every time we look like getting to third base he passes out.

    2. I’ve gotta get him one o them nasal sprays…


  7. Niall Mor says:

    First word balloon: Dang! Every time it’s the same darn thing. Tastes . . .

    Second word balloon: Like . . .

    Third; CHICKEN!

  8. TannerAwesomePants says:

    B1: Come on already! Why can’t I get a break from you cops?
    B2: [Maybe if I talk in third person I can scare them away!]

  9. Cameron Malcher says:

    1. Have you ever tried overpowering a grown man in a strapless, backless, high cut dress?

    2. Verachi evening wear protects your modesty against all probability.

    3. Call now!

  10. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    *lol* while my initial entry is probably funnier when you visualise it, the first balloon should probably have read “…overpowering a grown man while wearing a strapless…”

  11. Dan says:

    1. I knew those kryptonite teeth implants would come in handy.
    2. today, Superman, tomorrow….
    3. THE WORLD!

  12. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    1: This guy’s colour coordinating his hair with his suit,
    2: and you call me an inhuman monster.
    3: Honestly.

  13. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    1: I’m not a psychopath! I’m a vampire!
    2: No you’re not!
    3: Shut up!

  14. Frankie says:

    First balloon: “No! What have you done? You killed him. He was going to correct my inscisors. I can’t get on America’s Next Top Model looking like this!”

    Second balloon: “Without my looks, I’ll have to rely on my brains and personality.”

    Third balloon: “And I’m a blonde!”

  15. John D says:

    balloon 1: I can’t freakin believe this!

    balloon 2: They put peanut butter in my chocolate!

    balloon 3: Hmmmmmmm……

  16. Robbie says:

    First balloon: I am here to say that there aren’t enough bloodthirsty, undead, demonic creature of the night…

    Second balloon: …with an unquenchable lust for gore…

    Third balloon: …so VOTE REPUBLICAN!!

  17. Robbie says:

    First Balloon: “Yes I killed him! I had no choice! He was going to cancel my DirecTv and switch back to cable! With DirecTv having way more HD channels than cable…”

    Second Balloon: “…I would have rather *died*…”

    Third Balloon: “…(again)…”

  18. nijineko says:

    1: What?! Are you seriously trying to tell me that I have to pay a 15% gratuity for him?

    2: Your service was so slow, I couldn’t wait; he was supposed to be dessert! I want to speak to a manager!

    3: mumbles *See if I ever eat here again!*

  19. Bobby Key says:

    1..this is a job I can really sink my teeth into..

    2..oh! darn

    3..another chipped tooth…