An ad from the back of a 1985 comic book on my desk:

Rip-Off Shoes

I salute you, Rip-Offs, for admitting right in the name of your product what it is you're doing to the kids who purchase you. And then to have the ironic foresight to put the ad in the first edition of "The West Coast Avengers", a rip-off comic if there ever was one -- well. Sir, your name is Genius.

3 Responses to Rip-Offs

  1. Rob Rogers says:

    Dude, you had me until you dissed West Coast Avengers. I LOVED West Coast Avengers, especially the Steve Englehart run.

    *shakes head.*

  2. Ashton Jakobson says:

    HAHA! Great one Jeff, in my old Alpha Flight comic, they have the exact same ad, I’m glad someone knows about it besides me, THANKS!


  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    I didn’t say WCA wasn’t a good comic, just that it’s a rip-off of the regular Avengers. Something can be a rip-off and still be good, just look at The Monkeys, a really good band that nonetheless was a total rip-off of The Beatles.

    Although, I never really read WCA, I just have that first issue. But how good could they be? I mean come on, what self-respecting villain is going to rampage way out there on the West Coast when they could be surfing?!