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    I’m the writer, it was just that I lost my password and the email address to get my new one has issues blah blah blah I’ve decided to edit this first chapter, now that i read this I think I want to restart this story. so hears the new edited Chapter 1: The Cheating Merchant

    The story begins in the Great Lands in the thick forest of Greshnir. In the middle of this emerald kingdom lied a dirt road leading to the nearest village. It was who, who was on this path that I had the pleasure of meeting. The stranger whom was lying on the dirt road arose from his unexpected slumber. Dazed and confused he slowly got to his feet. Bewildered and unbeknownst of his current surroundings, he scanned the area trying to make a sense of his location. Petrified he then began to shout deafeningly for help to try and catch the attention of a passing merchant or hunter. But his cry for assistance was only heard by the fleeing birds and forest animals bypassing him. Overwhelmed with his current situation the muscular man took a seat on the dirt path and took in air to try and recoup his strength.

    At first the forest that seemed endless was silent and only the slightest of vibrations could be heard. Suddenly the enigmatic figure heard a voice that appeared to be getting louder, screaming for help. He then located the sudden echo approaching from the small hill north of him. Curious of the unexpected voice, he charged up the slightly smooth peak to discover the origin of the sound. As he got to the top of the hill he suddenly felt this gust of wind collide with his large, muscular chest. But this was no strong breeze, it was me. He looked down below himself and stared at me. I was running for my dear life and this cryptic individual without difficulty halted my exodus. He lowered himself down and assisted me to my feet, I tried to make my break but I was too late.

    All of a sudden two, gasping town guards were situated in front of us. They had been chasing me since the markets that were a few minutes away. Due to the position I was in, being held by this stranger, the two sentries believed that he apprehended me. Grateful for his good deed the eldest of the two town guards showed his appreciation.

    “Thank you citizen for your charitable act, your services are now no longer needed, we will now handle the situation, good day.”

    I leaned over to the stranger, whom now let me go and whispered to him “Help me”.

    The mysterious man responded to my cry for help and asked the guards.

    “What crimes has this man committed that he needed to be chased?”

    The abrupt question was an unanticipated but the experienced guard responded.

    “This cheating merchant sold me and my fellow guardsman fake diamonds, when he returned to his store for our coins, he refused to give us a refund, and insulted our intelligence. As it is against the law to smear an Imperial soldier, he must be detained and charged.”

    The inquisitive man then responded again with another question, this time now angering the two guards.

    “What will be his punishment?”

    Maddened the guard answered again.

    “The penalty is death. Now hand him over!”

    The stranger then glanced at me and then said to the now irritated guards.

    “That I cannot allow.”

    Both of the Imperial soldiers were shocked to hear his treason and shouted.

    “How dare you try and avert this man’s arrest, your duplicity offends the Emperor! You shall also suffer the penalty of death!”

    The muscular man pulled me behind him to prepare to fight, and the soldiers drew their razor-sharp blades. The stranger clenched his large fist, and then without warning they charged at him swinging their swords. The younger of the two swung his blade upward into the air and compelled it down, but its forceful plunge was halted. The strange man had taken hold of his forearm; he removed the sword abruptly out of his hand and dropped it on the ground. He then thumped the man with a massive right hook, swiftly colliding with his cheekbone and instantly breaking it. The sudden force knocked the guard unconscious.

    Whilst this struggle happened the other guard utilizing his experience encircled the stranger trying to find his moment to strike. Unbeknownst of the position of the second guard I alerted to the foreigner.

    “Watch out, he’s behind you!”

    The senior guard peered at me but only to look back and to see a large knuckles collide with his timeworn face. I witnessed as the powerful hit propelled him across from me. The two bruised and battered soldiers helped each other up and ran off, with their last words being.

    “You will regret what you have just done, we will be back!”

    I stood there bedazzled, in my entire pointless life I have never seen Imperial soldiers been thrown around like that. I began to cheer and shout.

    “you did it! Whoa! I mean thank the gods you have rescued me! I am in forever in your debt! Please do not be afraid to ask me anything!”

    He then looked at me, and said something that startled me.

    “Where am I?”…

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    UPDATE: I’ve edited these three chapters, I totally forgot about this story and haven’t followed this forum for a while. When I saw what I wrote I thought I should edit it and continue on the story. It’s not a perfect edit, I just made a few changes. The story is filled with dark humor and may not appear humorous to some of you but I think its funny.


    Chapter 3: The Battle of the Gym

    As we stood there waiting for the large barricaded door to finally brake open. I began to wonder, is my family okay? My mother? My little brother? Especially my father who I hadn’t seen this morning? All these questions that were skimming through my head, and the only way to answer them was to survive this ordeal.

    Suddenly a chair which was part of the construction of the barricade had fallen off, it was a matter of seconds until it would brake apart. The coach who stood behind us somehow had a 44. Magnum. Mr. Peters wasn’t afraid of admitting his love for the 2nd Amendment and since all the recent school shootings, he wasn’t afraid to bring one to school either. Suddenly once again another piece of furniture fell of the barricade, everyone who formed the line slowly knew this was it.

    Suddenly the barricade broke open and the horde of cannibals came pouring in, Mr. Peters fired first taking two down. Within the crowd I identified a few of them. The first one shot by the gun-wielding gym teacher was Samuel Waters, a notorious school bully. Another one who I wouldn’t miss. The second being was Clair Croft which sad to see her turned. She wasn’t the prettiest girl in school, and got a flack from a lot of other girls, but she was nice.

    Mr. Peters thinking he was in Nam again shouted “C’mon boys, get those Vietcong!”

    A mistake that wasn’t uncommon with him. I remember back when I was a junior, he punched Zachary Wong straight clear in the face. Though Wong was of Chinese descent and no Vietnamese heritage, it didn’t stop Mr. Peters from socking him right in the mouth. Luckily he he didn’t sue, Mr. Peters was a very popular teacher amongst the school athletes. It would have been suicide.

    After the gym teacher’s ‘inspirational’ war cry we all charged at the savage creatures. Sadly their numbers were too strong, they just kept on pouring in. From the corner of my eye one of the basketball players was tackled by the cannibals. They tour into his chest and began eating his lungs and heart.

    I continued to kill as many as I can, but to win this fight was impossible. The gym was lost. I noticed that one of them was my former English teacher Mrs. Jenkins, She was good to me, maybe because her medication prevented her anger bursts.  I could see that it was targeting me. So I charged at it and cracked it over the head with my bat watching the brains scatter across the floor. Unfortunately I had broken the bat in half. No longer capable of fighting and knowing we were losing this battle I decided to retreat.

    I ran back and noticing that the coach had already ran away. I called out to Brad “We got to go!”

    He looked back at me, and knew I was right. He ran back and stood to the side of me exhausted. We shouted to the rest of them to retreat, but we watched in horror as the horde of creatures forced them to the ground and ate them. We looked and noticed a door behind us, the same door the coach would of escaped through.

    We ran without looking back, we got through the door, to find ourselves in another hallway. This hallway was split in two. We stopped for a second and thought, where we should go, not knowing if either way was safe. Remembering that any second now one of those ravenous creatures would come through this door and have for us lunch.

    So we decided to go right, not stopping for a second, we ran through the hallways, trying to find the exit. Suddenly we found ourselves right in front of the staff room, in which we heard whispering. We decided to investigate the noise and slowly opened the door. But suddenly as my friend opened the door, he swung it back close, and we watched as a coffee cup smashed against the wooden door.

    We suddenly heard a voice coming from the room “Go away you zombies!”

    We looked at each other and I asked my friend “Did he just call us zombies?”

    We were both puzzled from him using the word zombie, my friend then spoke “Excuse me sir, we are not zombies. ”

    There was silence until the unknown man, “come inside quickly before they see you.”

    We made our way into the staff room, to find the unknown man hiding behind a wall, being made out of a sofa, tables and chairs. The man stood up and it was our Principal Mr. Wayne. He whispered to us “Boys come situate yourself behind this wall.”

    We ran over and got behind the wall, in which was formed in front of the Principals office. We sat down next to him, trying not to sit on his make-shift weapons. He then spoke to us “So boys how have you survived this long?”

    We looked at each other and I said “Well we were in math…”

    “…How did you get all that blood over you?” He asked.

    My friend then answered for me “Well sir, us, the basketball team and Mr. Peters fought a horde of them….”

    “Mr. Peters! Is he still alive?”

    “We don’t know sir,” we responded together, “he vanished.”

    “Oh. The basketball team? Are they still alive?”

    I then answered “No sir…”

    “It’s a shame, we could have won the State Championship this year.” He replied.

    Confused by his sudden spoken thought I asked him “Do you have any weapons that we can use?”

    He looked at me and pulled from behind an array of broken leg chairs “This is all I have, I think its best that we make our way to the gym’s storage area to find some….”

    We both then shouted “No!”

    “Why?” he asked obliviously.

    “Well…” My friend replied “we just came from there, and its a bloodbath.”


    Suddenly we heard noises coming from outside the door. The noises had become familiar with me and my friend, they were the savage creatures. We quietly stood there watching if any of them were trying to get through the door. Suddenly an infected zombie began hitting the door, suddenly more of them began hitting the door, they knew we were in here.

    We grabbed the make-shift melee weapons, and stood behind the wall waiting. Our principal stood beside us, and we both knew he was shitting himself. Somehow in these last minutes which have felt like hours, the outbreak of this virus has made us cold. I couldn’t speak for Brad but I believed when that door opens that we no longer felt fear, only anger. We feel the need to survive at all cost, so that we can see our families.

    My friend and I looked at each other once again in the face of danger and nodded, we knew that for us to see our families again we needed to kill them all.

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    Chapter 2: High School Zombical
    As everyone was trying to get a grip of what just happened, me and Brad quickly decided that we needed to go. Before we left Brad decided he needed some sort of protection and pull a pair of scissors from his pencil case. I looked at him with disgust.

    “What are you going to do with that?” I asked sarcastically.

    “Sorry I’m not use to this sought of situation.”

    I answered instantly “Neither am I!”

    I grabbed what was now the three legged chair and snapped another leg off and gave it to him. As we were about to leave we looked back the other students, some had already gone whilst others were too afraid.

    We looked at each other and decided we can’t leave anyone here, so we asked if anyone would like to join us, but they all rejected the idea. So without wasting anymore time we left the classroom, but as we left Brad heard a noise and turned around. He had noticed that Alex was starting to slowly get up.

    “Wait dude stop, Alex might still be alive.”

    I turned around and we rushed to him but only to find that like Mr. Watts, he wasn’t the same anymore. He tried to bite us but likely we noticed in time and sprinted for the door.

    outside to the far right of the hall we looked in horror as what was once our former student body and our teachers had become a horde of creatures, all of which were covered in blood, either their own or their victims.

    They then began to chase us, but struggled to catch up as they couldn’t run. They made gnarly sounds as they got closer. We made our down the hall watching both the front and side. As we ran we saw door to door the horror that had infected our school. Each classroom, a bloody battleground. Suddenly my friend stopped right next to the door of the science room. I said to him “We need to keep going!”

    But he wasn’t listening, whatever he was looking at made him silent. I peaked through door and saw what has made my friend horrified. Inside the science room was what was once a room of filled with scientific curiosity and wonder now looked like a scene from a horror film. Student against student, teacher against teacher, it was a bloodbath. Like my friend I also couldn’t keep my eyes off it. Suddenly I heard the noises from the right of us, the horde of cannibals had caught up to us.

    I grabbed my friend and began to run away. From the corner of my eye I saw the group of savages and assumed if we were there any longer we would have been ended up like those in the science room. Whilst running we thought of where we could go, we finally made our way to the stairs in which were luckily deserted. We stopped and talked to each other.

    My friend spoke “This is crazy! How can people just eat each other like that?”

    I replied “I don’t know, but what I do know is that we need to survive, and that means we need weapons. We can’t survive with these chair legs.”

    We thought for a second until finally my mate suggested “I know, the storage room in the gym! It has baseball bats, javelins, bow and arrow…”

    I looked at him and said “I don’t think either of us know how to use a bow and arrow.”

    “It was just a suggestion.”

    “Alright here’s the plan, we are in the second floor if we go down these stairs then go down the left hallway we’ll be right at the gym. We get whatever we can find that we can use we can  use then we make a run for it to our homes.”

    “Alright good plan.”

    Once again because we stopped the horde of our fellow students and teachers had caught up to us, but I was certain that from the sound of noise, their numbers had grown. We made our way down the stairs and to the next set of hallways. There we heard more noises from both above us and surrounding us. Luckily those noises weren’t coming from where we needed to go.

    So my friend and I made our way down the hallway constantly on alert. As we had turned to the next hallway I noticed noises coming from the doors beside us. Suddenly the burst open behind us and flocks of these ravenous cannibals began to chase up. Less then fifty yards away we saw the door to the gym. The creatures behind us were getting closer.

    We finally made it to the gym door, but shockingly it was locked. We looked at each other frightened we would meet our end. The savages were getting closer and we were trying to barge down the door but then suddenly the door magically swung open and were taken in by unknown faces.

    The doors were locked behind us, and we finally saw who had saved us, it was the school’s basketball team. As neither me or Brad were popular students, us and the basketball team never got along. In fact they were surprised we had survived this long. All those days in which they taunted us and called us names like “pussies” and “butt buddies”, we proved to be more then that. Much more. They must have been training when all the screams were being echoed across the school. They must of realized somehow what had happened as we noticed they had armed themselves.

    We were on the ground and were surrounded by the team, all looking down at us thinking if they should kill us. Cannibal or not. Suddenly I heard footsteps, the circled team split open and their coach Mr. Peters and the school’s gym teacher walked in. Like them he was also surprised that we survived this long, me and Brad also caught some flack from him as well during our stay in high school. He knelled down and spoke “Well, well, well, if it isn’t these two pansies. How the hell did you to survive?”

    My friend then began to spoke “Well we were in math…”

    “It was a rhetorical question boy. So get up, and go into the storage room and grab yourself a real weapon, if you two survived this long, then you might come in handy.”

    We picked ourselves up and made our way to the storage room. Inside there was a array of sporting equipment in which could be used as protection. I grabbed a baseball bat, whilst my friend grabbed a javelin. We walked out of the storage room and saw to our dismay that the horde that was following us had made its way to the gym door and are trying to break in. The basketball team had set up a line so when the large door breaks open they would fight.

    Behind them was their coach who looked back at us and shouted “How the hell are you gonna fight these biters from over there, stop being pussies and get in the line!”

    We quickly listened to his order and got into line on the end. Suddenly the barricaded door was breaking apart and it was a matter of moments until they broke through. My friend and I looked at each other and nodded we knew that we needed to fight or die.

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