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    Sooo I just now discovered the new Heromachine forums. Figure after god knows how many years bumming it over on the ol’ UGO Heromachine forum I may as well bring my stuff over here. Gunna only be uploading new creations on here, but here’s my old thread over on UGO for those of you who haven’t seen it:



    Welcome to the new place, Luc. Just make sure if there is anything you want to keep from the old forum, it is backed up. There is always the possibility that it could shut down. Cheers!



    Glad to see you over here, in other words, Welcome!



    Great to see you over here, Luc!



    I’ve always kept every HM creation I make in a special folder on my computer, so no worries here about losing anything if UGO gets shut down. It’ll be sad to see it go if that happens though, I’ve got some fond memories there from my times as a young’n.

    Anywho, here’s my very first creation to post on these forums. A character from a new sort of universe I’ve been playing with in my head, based around the idea of a stereotypical Fantasy setting that’s reached the modern age after severl centuries. First few characters I’ll be uploading here will probably be part of that.

    First up, we have Officer Ghuldar, an Orcish police officer working for the DTPD (DragonsTongue Police Department). In the city of Dragonstongue, Orcs are reluctantly accepted into society but often forced into either heavy manual labor jobs or the police force and military. Ghuldar believes himself to be a role model of sorts for Orc rights in Dragonstongue, but really he’s the perfect example of just why the population fears Orcs and forces them into jobs that exploit there brute strength. He’s somewhat infamous for his usual police tactic of “smash first, ask questions never” and the large amounts of damage to public and private property he’s prone to causing.




    Glad to see you here.



    Hey Luc, can’t believe I missed you coming in. Nice to see you here.



    Hey Luc I just made the move myself glad to see you here



    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone.

    Next up, here’s another one from that modern Fantasy world. The Magus are an elite branch of the DTPD tasked with situations where even a SWAT team proves to be ineffective. The ranks of the DTPD Magus are few but powerful, typically being the sons and daughters of previous police chiefs and trained from birth in the arcane arts to serve the city. An equally large part of the Magus training program is conditioning them psychologically to act less as people and more as machines. They are cold, calculated, and devoid of any emotions or personal identity beyond their duties. The sight of their iconic purple cloaks and shadowed faces are more than enough to send even the bravest men and beasts in Dragonstongue running with their tail between their legs.




    Another officer of the DTPD. Aesrillo was the very first to complete the police department’s Magus training program before it was altered to train Magi from birth. He was already a widely respected wizard for several centuries before the founding of Dragonstongue City, and currently one of the DTPD’s most decorated officers. Several years after becoming the first of Dragontongue’s Magus he took control of the training program and made several changes to it to insure all those who complete it come out as immensely powerful wizards, such as the decision to start Magus training at birth and the psychological conditioning. His methods are often questioned and a few small groups of activists have been known to protest his changes to the Magus program, but the results of his teachings are undeniable.




    Few men could keep a city like Dragonstongue under control… Thankfully, the mayor is far from any man. Mayor Bahamut is, as I’m sure you can guess from the name, a dragon… And a powerful one at that, both physically and politically. However, whether he’s an effective mayor or not is under constant debate. After winning the vote based mostly on his campaign to give Dwarves the right to marry in Dragonstongue (Something once frowned upon due to the Dwarven marriage traditions that many find to be barbaric), Bahamut has shown a rather… Unprofessional attitude towards his work. His lust for gold that is nature to all dragons leaves him often wrapped up in several scandals, and there are many stories of his odd political tactics shared by the populace (Such as, for example, the time a necromancer terrorist organization threatened to bomb the city and his plan to negotiate was to invite their leader to meet him for a mug of ale and a round of cards). However despite his rather quirky antics he is still loved by the people of Dragonstongue as even through all his blunders, he somehow keeps the city a pleasant place to live.


    Close-up view included to show the details of his face and campaign pin.


    The details, like the stars on his tie and the button, really help sell this image.



    And now for something completely different, I decided to pay homage to one of the greatest games ever made. Not sure if this steps on any sort of copyright issues or not, but considering it’s a Valve game it’s paying homage to, I’m sure it’s not any sort of issue worth worrying about since they usually love fanart and tributes and such.




    Back to that modernized fantasy world, here’s one of the major villains: Vano, leader of the terrorist organization known as the Necromantic Brotherhood. Throughout history the undead have always been summoned and used as mindless slaves up until a would-be necromancer’s summoning spell backfired and gave one of his ghouls full sentience. After murdering its master that ghoul grew in power to become one of the mightiest Lichs in history and lead many other ghouls and undead to revolt against their summoners by granting them the same gift of sentience he was mistakenly given. That Lich was Vano, who now plans a full scale revolution against the living by eventually unleashing the godess of the dead, Nula, to enslave the living and have revenge for how they enslaved the undead.



    For those curious, here’s Nula, the godess of the dead mentioned in Vano’s backstory. First how she appears when trying to blend in amongst mortals, and then how she looks when she reveals her true self. More on her later.



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