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G. W.

In my fictional universe, the Greek pantheon exists, but not in the way you’d expect. First off, rather than being a select group of individuals, they are an entire species, known as Olympians. Second, most of the Olympians are not immortal. In fact, their life spans are only about  a few hundred years or so. Instead, eleven of the twelve gods who met and/or lived on Mount Olympus (as well as Hades. Pass on their identities to their oldest fully-Olympian child when they die. Even Olympians (or those with a significant amount of Olympian blood) who are not set to take the identity of Zeus, Hera, Hephestaus, Aphrodite, Hermes, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Poseidon, Hades, or Dionysus have powers, often specific aspects of the domains of one of the gods listed previously or Ares (though not necessarily. The Electric Eel is the son of Poseidon.)

Ares, however, is different. He is immortal. For a few generations, Ares was an identity, passed on like the others. However, eventually, a particular incarnation of Ares stumbled upon the same stream that has given a few of my other characters immortality (the Isle of the Wolves, on which the stream is located, was actually created by an unknown Olympian thousands of years ago). He drank from it, and has been Ares for a very long time. Unlike his predecessors (closer to the Ares of mythology), this Ares is more or less a force of nature. He is pretty much pure rage, pure chaos, pure bloodlust, and pure destruction. He is not exactly evil, he simply must quench his thirst for blood, chaos, and destruction. Also included is an image of the front of his shield.

I’m satisfied with how the costume turned out, as well as most other aspects. My only issue is the face. I don’t really think his expression turned out that well. If nothing else, at least I didn’t go completely overkill like with the original Ares.

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