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G. W.

And rounding out the original six All-Stars is the Star: James Solus was an ordinary man, until, one day, a meteorite crashed into him. He was presumed dead, until he emerged from the wreckage a few hours, dazed, but with not even a scratch on him. After that, he could fly, and had super strength, super speed, and super endurance. When the All-Stars found the fountain of youth in the sixties, only he and Father Time didn’t drink (Father Time didn’t drink because he knew that simply traveling through time meant he could show up at any time in the future anyway (though he later drank from the fountain when he was in his seventies) and the Star didn’t drink because he believed the fountain to be going against the natural way of life). He fought crime until the mid-nineties, when he decided to retire in Florida. He died in 2016 at the age of 94 due to old age.

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