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G. W.

Updated Robin Hood (with a backstory!):

Nottingham, Connecticut (don’t ask why I chose Connecticut. I don’t know) is the largest city in America (in this universe). The city is infamous for its corruption, high crime rate (especially in the poor Sherwood area of the city), and extremely large income divide between rich and poor. The city is practically run by mob boss Jonathan Kingsley.</span>

Franklin Robins, Jr., was a wealthy man after inheriting his father’s fortune, living in the extremely wealthy Locksley district of Nottingham. After selling his father’s company and donating most of his money to various charities (he used quite a bit to purchase a warehouse in Sherwood and various supplies he would need to become a vigilante), he fled into Sherwood to become the vigilante “Robin Hood.”

Also, I just realized that, because I copied the Nottingham background from my Eagle picture, it looks like the Eagle lives in Nottingham now. Oops. Um… Ooh! Yeah! I meant to imply that he was on a solo mission to… uh… stop Midas from robbing a…um… bakery! Yeah! That was my plan all along! Totally. Heh heh…

Anyway,  that background is officially what a section of Nottingham looks like. I think I will use the background from my Iceberg picture (seriously, does anybody have a better name for her?) as what a portion of the Pine City skyline looks like. And yes, Midas robbing a bakery is canon too.

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