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CDC- Transformations

Finally got an entry done! So… many… feathers….

Baria was the daughter of the god of prophecy and the goddess of dreams. Before the world truly began she lived with the others of her kind on the only island in the primordial sea. One of their number, Erevel, was swept into the sea and disappeared. Though time was not as it is now, he was lost for eons. He returned to the island eventually, changed. Baria was intrigued by him and discovered he had brought a darkness back with him from the depths unlike anything this new world had ever seen. She eagerly took this darkness into herself as well, her wings shredded and replaced, her hair turned to midnight, and dark corruption spread beneath her skin as horns erupted from her forehead. Baria become the Nightmare goddess beside her new husband, the god of insanity.

Other pictures of Baria in her demon form:


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