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@Suleman : Thanks, I find that overly complicated costumes are not only horrible to shade well, but also unrealistic and I try to keep a sense of realism (however slim) with each of my characters.

Finally managed to shade my next piece, university is keeping me very busy. I give to you – The Fox (I very much have a colour scheme going here don’t I.) The Fox has no known ‘gift’ he only fights with martial arts and his wrist mounted projectile launcher. It only fires non lethal projectiles, such as rubber bullets or gas canisters, e.t.c. He has had run ins with Black Phoenix, but he’s no villain just a vigilante (Batman-esque if you will).

I’ve also included a night-vision-version (what a mouthful) as I think I prefer it, but would like opinions.

It’s also great to see new people in the forums, keep up the good work!

Edit: well I dun been a massive doofus and forgot to add in the cape. I’ll have to go back and do that later. Too distracted.

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