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In the broken, dusty remnants of the Earth, technology, magic, and mutations were blended and used to create creatures and people that could survive this new world. The cyborg Imperial Sorceresses were the most powerful and most feared of these creations; only a handful were produced, the most powerful witches living augmented to be almost indestructible. They enforced the will of the High God-King that rose after the cataclysm, but after his death and the crumbling of the New Empire, they were alone. The Sorceresses became lone wanderers, with no master and no purpose. Shunned by many for their past deeds, they live apart from the rest of society, now more interested in studying and experimenting with their power.

They are extremely durable, and can continue functioning despite heavy damage and dirt (although if not cleaned eventually, can cause seizing in their robotic parts). They are animated by a combination of robotics, magic (to help preserve their organic components), and the soul of the witch they began as. They are capable of emotion, but in a distant, clinical way and are able to shut that part out when necessary. Specially-trained Tech-Mages oversee their health and repair, and often one or more will live with a Sorceress to provide maintenance and assistance. They are one of many sects trying to survive in this new, lawless world.

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