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Mr. Vaudeville

A couple of collages of the primary members of the International Freedom League.


Organisation Profile

Group Name: The International Freedom League (IFL)
Activities: Crimefighting; International emergency response.
The Jetman – Leader
The Magician
IFLHQ – Washington, D.C.
Järvinen Enterprises – Helsinki, Finland.
Notable Equipment: Aside from their own gadgets/gear and a communications device linking them to the Operators at IFLHQ, each member of the IFL is granted access to Järvinen Enterprises’ private fleet of civilian and paramilitary vehicles – including, armoured cars, off-road vehicles, helicopters, and a private jet.
Membership Requirements: Invite only.
Allies: United States Sentinels, Society of European Superheroes, Indo-Asian Superhuman Assembly, Terran Defence Corps., Apex Squad, Iron Patrol, Astroforce.
Enemies: The Shadowguard, Lunar Brood, The Mutant Syndicate, Church of the Fractured Dawn, Tau Magi, Order of Divine Assassins, Lawless Earth Network.


Founded by Jerome Järvinen, a.k.a. The Jetman, as the first international emergency response superhero organisation. Funded through Jerome’s engineering corporation, Järvinen Enterprises, the IFL is run as a sister organisation the the Terran Defence Corps.

While the Corps. deals exclusively with global threats, the IFL was formed to respond to national and international crime, with The Jetman personally inviting a primary team of heroes from all over the world, choosing each for their unique skills and abilities. Though the League is active and enjoying success, they are always looking to invite new members who display the right qualities.

The IFL Headquarters is located in Washington, D.C., with a secondary base at the Järvinen enterprises building in Europe. The main HQ employs a team of Operators and security staff, and maintains a small fleet of land and air transport vehicles.

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