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Here’s some remakes, because I am a bitter sad man who can never be happy with anything:

LEGACY: Failed attempt at cloning the super-heroine Pinnacle, founder of the Saviors. He was underdeveloped and while enjoying many of Pinnacle’s titanic abilities, his body cannot cope with them. Pinnacle recruited the help of her fellow Savior, Almanac, who created a series of specialized braces that allow him to uses his powers safely.


GRAFTS: He was abducted and experimented on by a race of violent aliens, but rescued halfway through the process of conversion into a mindless war-drone. His legs and arms were replaced with high-powered prosthetics that give him a range of post-human abilities.

BLACKOUT: An anarchist cyber-activist. Blackout is a technopath able to telepathically interact with and manipulate machines and information streams. Nobody knows her true identity or in fact has ever seen her face. She remain sealed within her self-sustaining armor at all times.

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