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Alright guys if you like dark and evil armors, you would prefer… THE SHADOW KNIGHT ARMOR!!!!!!

Roleplay- You’re a denial against any paladins, priests or anybody that goes against your will of darkness. As a Shadow Knight, you’re a knight that is bound by shadowmaster, slaying as many people that goes against your will of darkness. You mostly stay in the shadows, so it can make your Dark Powers stronger (you have to stay inside any buildings till night time). You ride a undead horse to travel through Hell or any evil places you wish to travel through.

Story- You were a member of the Guardians or paladins, but betrayed the Guardians or paladins for whatever reasons to betray them for. You were all alone looking for something to be bound to until you met Shadowmaster. He trained you every single Dark Spell to learn from in order to weaken your foes that goes against evil. You’ve made an oath to protect evil no matter what the consequences are, you still have to protect evil. So, you’re now bound by evil.

Weapons –

Shadow Shield: Use this to protect you from any enchantments or spells that goes against darkness (can summon a dark force field)

Shadow Sword: Use this to attack and absorb your enemy’s health. The more damage you do, the more health you get back.



Dark Spells: Use this to decrease your enemy’s health, defense, and attack.

Illusion Spells: Use this to make your enemies fear you in sight.

Shock Spells: Use this to drain your enemy’s health and mana  (if he’s a  mage).



Hopefully you like this armor. It’s later on going to be in my roleplaying game.

Let me know what to create next.

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