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I ended up remaking those HM1 guys after all.

VALENTINE – Vigilante who fights in the name of love. Professes to be the Greek deity Eros, has the superhuman durability and strength to back up the claim. Killer with a crossbow.

CRAG – Intelligent crystalline humanoid, discovered in the remains of a meteorite. He was educated, trained, and recruited by NASA as the perfect astronaut. He doesn’t need oxygen or sustenance, never sleeps, and doesn’t age.

KETURAH – The world’s deadliest assassin who dropped off the face of the planet for a year and returned to wage war on all crime. She started by killing her handlers. None could explain her sudden change of heart, but one tends to want to make the world a safer place when they bring a child into it…

ATEN – Egyptian pharaoh unearthed by archaeologists. Infused with alien technology that allows him to wield solar energy.

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