Writer’s Room

A New Fantasy Novel Kickstarter

Friend of HeroMachine Ben Finn is helping promising new writer Melody Wolfe launch a Kickstarter for her new fantasy novel, “Rivertown”: Rivertown is the story of a young woman who rises to heroism in the face of a growing crisis. Against a backdrop of mystery and secrets, she must discover who she is, and how… [ Read more … ]

Writer’s Room: Introductions

I’m taking a break from the “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories this week to try something a bit different. A lot of folks out there use HeroMachine to create visuals for stories they’re writing, so instead of showcasing your artistic abilities, now’s your chance to exhibit your writing. Take one paragraph (I was thinking the… [ Read more … ]

The Laundry List of Doom or, How To Describe Your Characters In Words, Not Pictures

(We’re lucky to have guest blogger and author Ian T. Healy with us today to give us a quick lesson on how you translate the very visual medium of super-heroes and other “genre” characters into the written word. Take it away, Ian!) Description is one of the fundamental aspects of good fiction writing. Writers wield… [ Read more … ]