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What Were They Thinking?: Goblindegook

Marvel are the best at being the worst. It's a phrase that we've used often here on What Were They Thinking (the series where we look at all the stupidest, most ill-advised things in comic book history). Whether it's terrible storylines (usually involving a respected female character being abused in some form or another), awful farmed out reboots or being assholes to creators, it's amazing that Marvel actually function. Oh and lets not forget the crossovers, which, if they had physical form, would look like something out of Resident Evil they're so messed up. And the resurrections of course, I mean, we covered those enough on the last two lists, but when you can't even let Barney Barton stay dead after over 40 years, you know you've got a problem.

So, as I'm sure you've all guessed by now, this week we're talking about Marvel, but which stupid incident is it this week. Which screwy storyline are we going to laugh at? Well, how about a storyline that actually shouldn't have been screwy, but then the editors got involved. Ladies and gentle-mutants, I give you; The Hobgoblin Saga.

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What Were They Thinking?: What A Load of (Ta)Rot

So here on What Were They Thinking? (the series where we look at the stupidest, most ill-advised things in all of comic book history) we talk about Marvel and DC a lot, and that's understandable. They are the Big 2, the comics publishers with the longest histories and the largest outputs of stories and behind the curtains politics to pull from when it comes to bad ideas. But that doesn't mean that indie comics are off the hook. No sir, they can be even worse at times *cough* Image *cough*. But today, instead of talking about the people you might expect, I've found something that really, really needs to be highlighted on this series. So we're going over to Broadsword Comics and their long running series; Tarot: Witch Of The Black Rose.

(Reader Discretion Is Advised)

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What Were They Thinking?: Detective Comics Comics Inc. vs. Rihanna

Now as we are discussing a legal issue today on What Were They Thinking (the place where we look at all of the stupidest and most ill advised things in all of comics history), I've had my legal team (comprising of Phoenix Wright and Detective Pikachu) look over everything to see that it's all in order, and they say it's ok, so we should be good. Now Detective Comics Comics Incorperated (to use their government name) have had a lot of strange and amusing incidents in the court room. They've been sued by Batman (that is, the city in Turkey; Batman) and of course, sued every other comics company in existence back in the 40's/ 50's if they had a character who was even remotely similar to Superman, but then forgot to bother when the Silver Age picked up. And then, back in 1979, they collaborated with Marvel to procure a joint trademark over the word "superhero", but only when it applies to comics, magazines, cardboard stand-up figures, playing cards, paper iron-on transfers, erasers, pencil sharpeners, pencils, notebooks, stamp albums and costumes (and not TV, Film, Books or Video Games, which is weird, as these are where the two make a fair chunk of their money from now). Now this one is most pertinent to what we're going to be talking about today, as we're going to be looking at DC's reaction to someone else trying to trademark a common use word. What is also pertinent is this picture.

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What Were They Thinking?: Marvel’s Rebirth Problem


You know, doing a reboot isn't always a bad thing. DC successfully did it back in the 50's, taking the names of established characters from the 40's and changing their origins and personalities to create new characters and boom, Silver Age of comics. I mean, ok, they have now officially over-egged that omelette after the 18 trillionth time they've rebooted their universe, but still the original idea of taking the name "The Flash" and having it be a guy called Barry Allen rather than Jay Garrick was possibly the best in comic book history, maybe after the idea of putting Superman in bright red underwear over a blue one-piece. But, that's DC, what about Marvel. They aren't exactly known for their reboots are they. Whilst DC was creating all new characters from old ones, Marvel just slotted the new characters in alongside the old. So, they never needed to do a big reboot right? Yes, that's true, but this is What Were They Thinking (the place where we look at the stupidest most ill-advised things in all of comic book history), so of course, they did it anyway and what did we get? We got this...

Rob Liefeld cannot art.

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What Were They Thinking?: DC Does Dallas

In last weeks What Were They Thinking (the place where we take a look at all of the stupidest, most ill advised things in comic book history) we talked about Superman. And this week, we're going to be talking about... Superman, because why not. The Man Of Steel has been around longer than most and he has so many dirty secrets under that cape that we've barely scratched the surface. But with that in mind, this week we're going to be taking a look at the time he made a "specialist film for gentlemen" with the wife of fellow Justice League do-gooder type Mr Miracle, Big Barda.

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What Were They Thinking: I Wish They’d Destroyed This

You know, one thing has surprised me about this weeks What Were They Thinking. In all the weeks we've done this feature, a feature where we look at the stupidest, most ill-advised things in comic book history, we have yet to look at DC's Elseworlds. You know, that imprint that they publish all of the stories that are too weird to be considered canon to DC continuity, which is saying something when it is canon that you can punch a whole in the fabric of the universe with just your fist. Admittedly some of the stuff in there is good, some even very good, but that doesn't mean there isn't dross. And what dross it is. So without further ado, I present to you Superman Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy

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What Were They Thinking: A Thor Point

So, it's a new year and as we all know, when there is a new year people often make resolutions as to what positive changes they are going to make over the coming year. And as What Were They Thinking is all about the worst things in the history of comics, I thought a good resolution would be to be more positive, not to focus on the negative so much. Unfortunately, I then remembered that Marvel Comics exist and, as much as I love them, they are the best at being the worst. So, with that in mind, I'd like to talk to you all about equality in comics, through the medium of The Mighty Thor.

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What Were They Thinking- The Christmas Special: GLX-Mas

Usually here on What Were They Thinking we look at the stupidest, most ill-advised things ever in the history of the comics industry. However, as today is the Christmas Special, we're going to change things up a bit. We're still going to look at something completely mental, something that still fulfils our quota of strange and stupid and full of What The...? moments, but something that cannot and should not ever be described as something bad. Ladies, Gentlemen and assorted alien life-forms, I present to you 2005's GLX-Mas featuring the Great Lakes Avengers.

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What Were They Thinking: Marvel’s Image problem

So, here on what were they thinking we usually look at the worst, most ill-advised things to happen in the history of the comics industry. However, since it is the season to be jolly (tralalalala lalalala), today we're going to take a look at something that wasn't actually so bad, in fact you could even say it was a really good thing for all involved, but somehow ended up with what can only be described as Marvel in the 90's. So strap yourselves in Ladies, Gentlemen and extra-dimensional beings because today we are talking about a two year period in Marvel's history and how it led to the creation of Image Comics

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What Were They Thinking: In Memorium- Scott Summers

Ladies and Gentlemen, usually on What Were They Thinking, we look at the stupidest, most ill-advised things that have ever taken place in the history of the comic book industry. But today, we are gathered here for a funeral. We are here to mourn the loss of Scott Summers, also known as the hero Cyclops, long serving leader of the X-Men, who has been so cruelly taken from us. I mean, he's not dead, well as far as I'm aware, but he might as well be. There is such a thing as "character assassination", which is the malicious and unjustified harming of a persons good reputation, and of all characters in comics history, no-one has been through a more rigorous and thorough one than Scott Summers. And the culprit? That'd be Marvel.

So, how did they do it, and what was their motive. Well in the great tradition of murder mysteries, I'm going to gather all the suspects in a room and explain to you whodunit.

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