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Grail Knight: Iron Man #2 Review

The wonderful thing about Iron Man is his odd sense of purpose. Here is man who has always been intellectual, a tinkerer, a weapons designer and most notably, an adventurer. He really is the living embodiment of an Arthurian knight. He has, especially in recent years, been a man on a quest to rid the… [ Read more … ]

Marvel NOW! On-Going Titles

From the “desk” of mcknight57 We would like to present a list of the new Marvel titles under their Marvel NOW! campaign. All New X-Men: Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen   Out Now (11/14/12) The original five X-Men join the current team in the present day after the events of Avengers vs X-Men. Avengers: Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena  (12/ /12) A relaunch… [ Read more … ]

Goblin Wars

When last we saw our hapless hero, his Spider Sense was doing a lot more than just tingling. He was captured by the third iteration of the Hobgoblin and taken to the Kingpin and given the once over with brass knuckles. Then there’s the fact that he was guarded by the Hand, which is excessive… [ Read more … ]

Holy Déjà Vu, Batman!!

Holy Déjà Vu, Batman!! By: Andrew Hines This has been one of the most amazing titles I’ve ever come across in almost 20 years of reading comics. I honestly don’t think there’s been another title I’ve loved so much in so many ways. For the last year and change, I’ve been on the edge of… [ Read more … ]

Charlie’s Fundamentals

Charlie’s Fundamentals By: Andrew Hines Its hard not to be a fan of the X-Men, as the group (in it’s many guises) has been saturated in the media for almost 50 years. I love the original team, though they’ve had some interesting additions over the years. That’s not even considering the giant SNAFU that is… [ Read more … ]

Enter the Multitude / Death of Krypton

Enter the Multitude / Death of Krypton By: Andrew Hines There’s not much DC hasn’t done in it’s nearly 75-year history, except maybe for what you’ll see in this issue. With two parts of equal importance in this issue, with the first being these Weeping Angel-like beings, collectively called the Multitude. The second is a… [ Read more … ]

Attack of the Dead Presidents

Attack of the Dead Presidents By: Andrew Hines Who doesn’t love Deadpool? I mean, aside from Wolverine, Thor, the X-Men and basically anyone who’s ever met him? This is a pretty cool dude we’re dealing with here. And no, I’m not just saying that because he’s got a gun to my head. (Help me. He’s… [ Read more … ]

Trial By Fire

Trial By Fire By: Andrew Hines The Rise of the Third Army marches on in issue 14 of Green Lantern, still written by Geoff Johns. Here we see a few interesting moments dealing with the team dynamic, Baz’s preconceived notions of the Justice League (close to those of the other human Corps members) and his… [ Read more … ]

The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter By: Andrew Hines I was hesitant to pick this up because I love Iron Man so much. I didn’t want there to be any huge changes, especially to the suit. The thing is, that once I started reading it, it was really fun. I actually really like the new suit. It’s a… [ Read more … ]

Earning the Mantle

Earning the Mantle By: Andrew Hines Holy salted anchovies, there’s been a lot of stuff going on for Arthur and company. This has been a much darker, more aggressive book than most in the New 52. It’s not as dark as others like I, Vampire or Swamp Thing, but it’s a hell of a change… [ Read more … ]