The difference between corporate and creative

This week’s pile o’ randomness was an interesting batch of butt-kicking, living-island-of-Japan, Robot Fighting madness. It started out with this rather disturbing Barry Windsor-Smith cover illustration of X-O Manowar #5, and I challenge you to tell me just what that … um … “doo-hickey” is on his left pectoral: All I’m saying is, I sure… [ Read more … ]

Retroview: Liefeld's New Mutants 94

I’m sneaking this last entry in under the aegis of “Rob Liefeld Week” because a) it technically didn’t start until last Tuesday and b) due to an office remodel I didn’t post anything on Friday or Saturday. So suck it, Trebeck! In this installment of “Retroview” I take on “The New Mutants” number 94, truly… [ Read more … ]

Retroview: Ninjak

Certain iron-clad maxims ruled the naming of comic book characters in the Nineties, and one of the most important (after “Base it on a variant of ‘Blood’, ‘Death’, or ‘Strike’”) was “Include ‘Ninja’ somewhere in there.” Showing the economy of effort that made them almost a success, Valiant decided to just slap an extra letter… [ Read more … ]

Retroview: Haywire

Ten years ago there was no such thing as blogging, and thus the comics from that era were largely free from the kind of scathing mockery that’s so vital a part of our daily lives today. You can find plenty of people online reviewing comic books being published right now, but who will serve the… [ Read more … ]