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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Contest ♯104 (Random Names) Winner

This last contest was a great one, one where everyone was on the top of their game and producing work of fantastic quality. But unfortunately for everyone else, a certain person only needed one entry and it was over before the poll was even up. And that person is AMS for his Diamond Fog. Congrats man, and well done to everyone else who entered.

Character Design Contest ♯104 (Random Names) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯103 (Party Time)- Winner

It’s been a while since we’ve had a back to back winner, even though it may not feel like these two victories are back to back, considering the break we took in the CDC’s over Christmas. But the person who won the last CDC poll was also victorious this time out as well. And that person is Cliff for his Party Animals piece. Congratulations Cliff and well done to everyone who entered.

103 Cliff- PartyAnimals

Character Design Contest ♯103 (Party Time) Poll

Character Of The Year- The Results

Last years COTY final poll got 145 votes overall. This year, we almost doubled that, getting 275 votes. As with last year, I’ll run down our top 3, in ascending order.

3. Candruth- Priestess (60 Votes)

2. Carmen- The Strange Case Of Hannah Jekyll & Edith Hyde (62 Votes)

And in at Number 1, with 90 votes is….

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Character Design Contest ♯102 (Christmas Trees) Winner

Well, it seems that after having a few close polls over the last couple of contests, it’s back to business as usual now. That means, it was a walk over, with the winner thanking near as makes no difference half the vote. And you can’t really say that Cliff and his Solstice Tree didn’t deserve it. So congrats Cliff (hope you’re feeling better now btw), please speak to dblade about your prize, and thanks to everyone else who entered. The CDC’s will be returning after the new year, see y’all then.

102 Cliff- SolsticeTree

Character Of The Year- Final

This poll will be open from now until Christmas Eve, so make sure you vote for your favourite lots during that time, because remember, whoever wins is going in the HOF.

Note: Poll 4 ended in a draw (nice and rhyme), so I have included both of the winners from that poll here for the sake of fairness (plus we usually have 5 entries in a poll, so it makes sense really).

Anyway, pop below the break for my run down of this years finalists.

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Character Design Contest ♯102 (Christmas Trees) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯101 (Snowmen) Winner

The winner of this weeks contest was none other than CosmicComics for his Do Not Open. Congrats CC, please speak to dblade about your prize, and well done to everyone who entered.

101 cosmiccomics- do_not_open

Character Design Contest ♯101 (Snowmen) Poll