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The winning entries for all HeroMachine contests.

Character Design Contest ♯122 (Secret Identities) Winner

I must say, I like how we can now hit around the 200 votes mark for these polls regularly. Back when I started we’d be luck to break 100 votes for a poll. You guys have really started coming out to support our contestants that’s for sure. I mean, this week managed to break 230 votes, which is one of the highest turnouts we’ve ever had. And it wasn’t a walk-over, although having said that, two of our contestants did run off and leave the others in the dust. But they kept fighting until the end at least, so it was interesting. Anyway, our eventual winner was in fact CosmicComics for their The Judge. Congrats CC and well done to everyone else who entered, especially those who got onto the poll.

122 CosmicComics- thejudge

Character Design Contest ♯122 (Secret Identities) Poll

Turns out Judges are like buses. You don’t see one for ages, then suddenly two turn up at once.

Character Design Contest ♯121 (Fight Club) Winner

Anyone remember the poll we had for the “Going Japanese” contest we had last year? The one where Vectorman won by a clean 80 votes? Well, this weeks winner not only equalled that score, but broke the record for biggest win margin by 5 votes. Ok, it was the obvious winner I’ll admit, but that is being a bit harsh to everyone else’s work don’t you think? But anyways, the decimator of this weeks poll was none other than RobM for his Corporate Arena. Congrats Rob and sorry to everyone who had to go up against him. ’twas a very one sided fight it seems.

121 RobM-Corporate-Arena

Character Design Contest ♯121 (Fight Club) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯120 (Film Posters) Winner

Wow, we actually had a close poll for 2 weeks in a row. Well, when I say close poll I mean it was close between the top 2. No-one else was in sight, which is weird because I don’t think that there was a noticeable quality difference to warrant an almost 50 vote gap between 2nd and 3rd places. But anyways. it ended up being one of those contests where the top 2 exchanged places throughout the week and it could have ended with either coming out on top. But as it turns out, the person to come out of top was in fact Hawk007 for his Athanasia film poster, claiming what I believe to be his first CDC victory. Congrats Hawk and well done to everyone who entered, especially our finalists, sorry that most of you got trampled in the poll.

120 Hawk007- Athanasia

Character Design Contest ♯120 (Film Posters) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯119 (Comic Book Covers) Winner

You want to know something insane. This weeks winner hasn’t won a CDC since the first contest of last year! I was sure he’d won one more recently than that. Or maybe I’m just getting muddled because of some of he COTW’s from last year? Either way, this weeks winner is RobM for his Minute Smasher cover. Congrats Rob and well done to everyone else who entered.

119 RobM-MinuteSmasherComicCover2

Character Design Contest ♯119 (Comic Book Covers 2) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯118 (Non-Standard) Winner

Well, that was nice. We haven’t managed to break the 200 vote mark on one of the contest polls for a while, but this week we did. And unlike the last two polls, it wasn’t a major walk-over for our eventual winner, though they did take the win by a noticeable margin. And, if I’m being honest, it was kinda expected (much like last week winner was no surprise) that Carmen‘s Just As Good As A Spotlight would win this week. Congrats Carmen and well done to all our other entrants.

118 Carmen- Just As Good As A Spotlight

Character Design Contest ♯118 (Non-Standard) Poll