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The List: Top 10 Characters I’d Like To See In An X-Men Live Action TV Show

Ok, so following on from the news that Marvel and Fox are going to be working together on an X-Men TV show, I thought “why not do a list about it?” Originally I was going to do a list of … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #179- Inspired By Music

So, for this weeks contest we’re going back to an old favourite theme of mine. This week you must create an image inspired by a piece of music. It can be any kind of image (within the standard rules obviously) … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #178 (TGT: Pirates) Winner

Honourable Mentions: HerrD- The Charade Of Undead Pirate Simms & djuby- Steampunk Pirate Winner: Vampyrist- Greco Bloodeye


Hey eveyone, I am here with another KHU ( Kaldath Health Update). Going to try and keep this brief as sitting at my computer hurts my chest and I hate using my phone to write posts. Bad news first, the … Continue reading

STOP PRESS: Marvel and Fox working on possible X-Men TV show?

Ok, so this might be the most interesting and exciting news since…. I don’t know, a long time probably. Fox and Marvel appear to have to come to a deal that will see the two collaborate on an X-Men live … Continue reading

The List: Top 10 Legacy Heroes

So, Tony Stark is to be replaced as Iron Man by Riri Williams, a 15 year old African-American student who also happens to be a girl. Apart from the obvious misnomer, this could be either a really inspired move or … Continue reading

Pop Quiz Results

This week’s winner is Tango. Great minimalist approach. The shadow behind is eerie and effective, and the grey scale highlighted by the red is spot on. . Honorable mention goes to Valyndril.   Headed out of town for a few weeks. The … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #178- TGT: Pirates

Ok guys, another Two Great Tastes style contest for you this week. This week, your main them is Pirates and you can mix that with any genre you like, whether it be Sci-fi, Fantasy, Superhero, Western, Martial Arts, Horror, Anime, … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #177 (Public Domain Amalgams) Winner

Winner: Brons- The Avenging Bat

Pop Quiz – Savage Beauty

Savage Beauty was an art exhibition held in 2011 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art featuring clothing created by British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, as well as accessories created for his runway shows. The exhibit was extremely popular in New York City and resulted in record attendance for the museum. … Continue reading