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Forum Width

With the new forums back up and zippier than ever thanks to the Ben the Badass, we’re having a debate about whether they should go full width or remain in the current two-column setup. I’ve kept the side bar because … Continue reading

“We can rebuild him. We have the technology.”

Good morning! Welcome to the new HeroMachine. We know it pretty much looks the same, but we’ve rebuilt the internals of our site from the ground up, including enabling new forums with all the old content imported. The site is … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯92- Public Domain Superheroes

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Public Domain redesign contest, so let’s have one this week. What I want you to do is pick some characters from the list below and redesign them to fit a modern comic … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯91 (7 Deadly Sins) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯90 (Insect Themed) Winner

This weeks poll was a two horse race right from the start, with two of our entrants running away with 70% of the votes. But even though it was close between them for most of the week, there can only … Continue reading

JReviews: Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 6- The Caretaker

Ok, review time.

Oh really Batman?

Character Of The Week: Vectorman316- Justice Sandwich

Character of the Week is back weekly again. And what better way to kick it off than with a creation so brilliantly bonkers it makes DeliriousAl’s comments look normal Where exactly do I start. Well, it’s a sandwich with a … Continue reading

Community Submissions

Ok guys, so, me and Kaldath have decide we’ll give the whole community submissions idea a shot. The idea here is, you write an article, send it in and we might feature it on the blog. Now of course, there … Continue reading

Kaldath's Caption Contest #44

Once more into the breach we go my friends! It’s “Caption Contest” time once more and as usually I turn to you fellow machiners to come up with your craziest, wittiest, and down right funniest dialogue for the following image!! … Continue reading