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Character Building with JR19759

As promised, part 1 of the new mini series of videos here on the Blog on Tuesdays, starting this week with posing. I did focus mainly on one pose, but I threw in a few other bits as well, and … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯100- Threedesign

*Puns* I know some people think they’ve twigged as to what this weeks contest is going to be, and I have a feeling they are sort of right. But not exactly right. So, over the last two weeks I’ve asked … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯99 (HM2.5) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯98 (HM1)- Winner

Ok, that title’s wrong for a start. Because, as very occasionally happens in these polls, this week ended with a draw. It was very close between the top three all week (and our third place entrant only finished three votes … Continue reading

Telling it like it is since 1962

Character Of The Week: DiCicatriz- Crag

Now there’s a very particular reason I chose this weeks COTW and I want to see if anyone realises before they get to the end of the post. So, everyone, please take a look at this. Ok, well for a … Continue reading

Open Critique Day #4

Alright! It’s time for another Open Critique Day! By the way, I’m sorry that I didn’t really give any feedback last time. I had gotten sick with the flu and was confined to bed. As for how this goes, you … Continue reading

Kaldath’s Caption Contest #52

Greetings fellow machiners, as you can see it is once again caption contest time. This week I want your best dialogue for the following image: (Hint: be original, as CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!!! is not very likely to win this one! ) The … Continue reading

Kaldath’s Caption Contest #51: Results

Last week I asked you all for your best replacement dialogue for the following image: and the top five entries as judge by me are: ***** Herr D  It’s the Walking Deadpools! Let me peel off this mask to better … Continue reading

Caption contest and results delayed

due to my stupidity and the fact i lost track of what day of the week it was. As well as my working on cleaning malware from my sisters computer i will be delaying my normal posts for today until … Continue reading