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Kaldath’s Caption Contest #74

It’s time, it’s time, it’s Caption Time! That’s right folks it is once again time for our bi-weekly caption contest here at HeroMachine! SO without further ado  here is your challenge for this week:   The normal rules apply, which … Continue reading

Pop Quiz – Results!

There were five awesome, and very moody, entries this week. Unfortunately, for some bizarre reason I cannot get them to appear in this post. Not sure why…probably gremlins…anyway, you can check them out for yourself if you are so inclined. … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯142- Water

Ok, so continuing our classical elements theme, this week we’re doing the second element, Water. Therefore, all of your entries must be water themed. So that could be aquatic scenery, water-themed characters, nautical images etc. etc. etc. Just dive in … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯141 (Fire) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯140 (Getting Emotional) Winner

Not much really to say about this weeks poll. Two people looked to be in contention for half of the week then one just pulled away, so normal practice really. However, the result did mean that we have (as far … Continue reading

JReviews: Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 3- Under The Lake

Ok, so, just to let you all know I’m going to try my hardest to resist singing songs from The Little Mermaid during this review, even though the episode title really makes me want to. And with that out of … Continue reading

Suleman’s Tutorials #3: Shading In HeroMachine 3, Part 3

Here is the 3rd installment of Sulman’s tutorials once more after the jump!

Pop Quiz – What A Dick (Tracy)!

On October 3, 1931 the comic strip Dick Tracy first appeared in the New York News. Your challenge this week is to come up with a unique detective character.  There is no poll. The winner is chosen by me. But … Continue reading

OCD (Open Critique Day) #33

Well, I’m back and fully recovered from my surgery! Thanks for all the well-wishes! Sorry this is late, though; I slept in too late. How this goes:  You post a work of yours, finished or WIP, and then others give you … Continue reading

Character Of The Week: Stulte- The Floating Archipelago & Honu Po O Kea

There are some members of this community that only seem to have one setting, that setting being “wow”. We all know that Stulte is an absolute master at world building and fantasy-realism design work and that is plain to see … Continue reading