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Poll Position: Greatest Animated Super TV Show Of All Time

As we covered Live Action Superhero TV Shows last week, this week we’re looking at the best animation that superhero TV has to offer. As always, I’ve given you 10 to start off with and you can add any you … Continue reading

What Were They Thinking?: Earth(31) to Frank Miller

So, here on What Were They Thinking, the series where we take a look at the stupidest, most ill advised things the comic book industry has ever done, we talk a lot about “them”, “them” being a blanket term for … Continue reading

The List: Top 10 Reasons Why Blizzard Should Turn Overwatch Into A Multimedia Franchise

Hey guys, JR here and, yes, I know we’ve had a list already this week, but I wanted to do another one that isn’t based on a poll. So, Overwatch. In case you weren’t aware, this is a video game. … Continue reading

Caption Contest #80 Result

Last week I asked you guys to come up with the best replacement dialogue for these panels. Here are my top 5. Herr D Spider-Man: What’s the thing you say in Blackjack? Guy: Hit Me SM: You ripped my mask? … Continue reading

The List: Top 10 Greatest Sci-Fi Films Of All Time

So, this poll was… interesting (and divisive). I don’t understand the way you guys vote sometimes. For example, Star Wars Episode 3 got more votes than such classics as Planet Of The Apes, The Thing, Close Encounters Of The Third … Continue reading

JReviews: Sonic Boom: Fire And Ice

Time for a less-spotted blog post now, where I shall take a look at a video game and say whether or not it’s good, because I can. And the game is a Sonic game, specifically the new Sonic Boom: Fire … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #191 – Winter is Coming.

Well it is! I mean, I know it’s only October, but it is definitely coming. Your challenge this week is to design a throne and the ruler who sits upon it. There is no limit on the number of entries. … Continue reading

5 Things That Make Me Excited for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

So a new trailer for Rogue One dropped a couple of days ago. Instead of reviewing the trailer itself (because what can I say, it looks awesome!) I thought I’d do a quick outline of the things that are making … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #190 – Just For The Record – Results

This week’s honourable mentions go to Melmo44 for Megatherium and Urban Poet’s Mandada And the winner this week is JR19759 for this stunning piece of work. So creative! Well done you. Thanks ti all who entered.

KHU: Back to Work!

This will be my last Kaldath Health Update post! I have offically returned to work! Yep I have suited up in my niffty Security Officer uniform and just finished my first shift since June 5th. I am a bit disappointed … Continue reading