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The List: Top 10 Aliens In Comics

Aliens, they’re everywhere. We might not be any closer to discovering extra-terrestrial life in real life, but in mass media the invasion has already happened. In film you have all manner of blobs, little brown things with glowy fingers and … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #184- Shocking!

Ok folks, this week your CDC Challenge is to visit the link below and choose one of the public domain heroes/villains with electrical based powers and re-imagine them for 2016. You must also mask at least one pattern into your … Continue reading

Pop Quiz – Triple Play – Results

First off, I have to complement all this week’s entrants on their incredible creativity on the use of the three items. I found myself having to search for them and that is just plain awesome. That being said, this week’s … Continue reading

CDC Topics

DJuby here. If anyone has a suggestion for a CDC theme or topic they would like to see, feel free to post it in the comment section. No promises as to when or if your suggestion will make it into … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #183- It’s In The Cards – Results

Honorable Mentions: Cliff – Magician and Xinmodic – Fool And this week’s winner is…JR19759’s Hanged Man. Love the simplicity of the palette and the overall creepiness. Thanks to all who entered.

Pop Quiz – Triple Play

Your Pop Quiz challenge this week is to design a superhero or villain using the three items indicated in the photo above as part of your design.. You only get one entry so be creative, and above all else, have … Continue reading

Once more a KHU!!

Well I went to wound care today and also spoke with the hyperbaric tech. All good news. The xray of my foot came back with no additional infection in the bones of my foot so no additional surgery. The hyperbaric … Continue reading

Editorial: Is The DC Expanded Universe Failing?

Unless you’ve had your head situated firmly under a rock for the last year you will no doubt be aware of the DC Expanded Universe (or DCEU for short). It is a cinematic universe based around superhero movies featuring the … Continue reading

Still looking for new blog authors

Hey guys JR here again. So, last Monday I asked for volunteers to help write stuff for the blog. Of course, I haven’t learnt my lesson from last time I tried to get the community involved in doing stuff for … Continue reading

The List: Top 10 Superhero Rogues Galleries

There are a lot of things that go into making a great superhero. The powers, the costume, the personality, their alter-ego/ secret identity all play a huge role. But what really defines a hero is the villains that they face. … Continue reading