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Character Design Challenge #168- Inhuman

Ok guys, your challenge this week is to create something inhuman, so in essence a monster of some kind that is obviously not human. It can be humanoid, but can’t pass it’s self as human (so no vampires, zombies or … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #167 (Shakespeare) Winner

I know I don’t usually say anything in these anymore, but I have to acknowledge the quality of the entries for this weeks contest. There were at least 5 that could have won the contest and a couple more that … Continue reading

Kaldath’s Corner: Babymetal react to Youtuber’s React to Babtmetal

I couple years ago the Fine Brother which are on youtube did a video Youtuber’s react to Babymetal. That video is how I discovered Baymetal and began my ¬†fandom of the group. Well Recently the Fine Brothers have Babymetal in … Continue reading

Character Of The Week: Linea24- Merti

So, in case anyone didn’t know, Linea’s back in action after a few months absence and it seems to have done her some good. The picture I’m featuring this week is a remake of a picture from a few years … Continue reading

A Taste Of Japan: May 2016 Tokyo Treat Small Box

Hello fellow machiers. Yesterday I made a post inquiring weather you all would be interested in an unboxing and taste test of the Tokyo Box subscription and while there were not a huge number of replies, what replies I did … Continue reading

Tokyo Treat Box

Hey Guys and Gals, I have recently signed up for the Tokyo Treat Subscription service, which is essential a box full of 5 to 7 candies or snack foods from Japan. My Subscription is the cheapest one offered by the … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #167- Shakespeare

As this past Saturday marked the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, I thought now might be a good time to do a contest based upon the bards work. So basically the idea is, go find a list of Shakespearian … Continue reading

Atomic Girl

I was indulging my latest weird past time this morning by watching other people play games (seriously, what’s up with that?!) on Twitch.TV and came across a fun new streamer playing Fallout 4 (my other latest addiction) named Atomic Girl. … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #166 (The World Is Mine) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Brons- Dictator & Hawk007- Dragon Hunter Winner: Xinmodic- World Conquering Army

Character Of The Week: Lull-Carae- Lullasy

Ok guys, time-out quickly. I’d like everyone to just take a moment and take this little nugget of information in. Apparently, Lull did the scales on this characters tail individually. As in, that isn’t a pattern masked onto the tail, … Continue reading