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Caption Contest #90 Results

So, last week I asked you guys to come up with the best possible replacement dialogue for this here panel: And as such, here are our top 5 entries: Drinkfluid: Deadpool: We’re almost at the top! Spidey: Uh, Deadpool, why … Continue reading

Power Rangers Spoiler Free Review

Time to buckle in and everyone make sure you have your nostalgia goggles on, because today we’re talking about Power Rangers! Okay, we’re talking about the new Power Rangers film that just hit theaters this weekend. Is it good? Is … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #315 – Lucha Libre!

Your Character Design Challenge this week is to design a one of a kind Luchador. There is no limit on number of entries this week. Please follow the instructions below for naming your files. Rules for posts, contests, and challenges: … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #314 – Spring Awakening – Result!

  This week’s winner is Meniukas. The character is creative and unexpected, and the use of colour and shading are really great! Join me in congratulating Meniukas on a well deserved win. Well done you!  

What Were They Thinking?: Worst Western

Time travel is a tricky thing. For a start you have to avoid changing history and breaking the laws of causalit,y both of which are not things you exactly want to do as they usually result in your potential erasure … Continue reading

Caption Contest #90

Ok guys, time for another caption contest, sorry this wasn’t up yesterday, got kinda sidetracked with other things. Anyway, this week you have to replace all of the dialogue for this panel: Everyone can have a maximum of 3 entries, … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #314 – Spring Awakening

To commemorate the first day of spring, your Character Design Challenge this week is to design a mythical being that personifies the spirit of spring. Could be a sprite, faerie, or elf or perhaps an orc or troll is more … Continue reading

Movie News Roundup

Sadly, no movie reviews this time around. I hope to change that for next week, but for now, let’s look at some of the news around the internets. There’s actually quite a lot to talk about; we’ve got superheroes, adaptations, … Continue reading

Character Design Challenge #313 – Hitting The Road – Results

Note to self…vehicular contests?…not so popular… Not a lot of entries this week, but I have never been this conflicted between two contest entries before. On one hand there is Kellkin’s car. Creative use of items, nice colouring, solid, literal … Continue reading

What Are They Thinking?: DC Needs A Watchman

So, here on What Were They Thinking? (the place where we look at all of the stupidest, most ill-advised things in the history of comics) we don’t tend to look at current storylines (so storylines published with in the last … Continue reading