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Anime Talk: Digimon Adventure tri.

Hi guys, JR here. Yes, I know this is usually Kaldath’s post. But bear with me. I have temporarily taken over the Anime Talk this week, because it fits better than doing a JReviews. And with that out of the … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯149- Gratulation

I was kinda stuck on what to do for this weeks CDC. But then I came across this word as’s word of the day: Gratulation: a feeling or the expression of joy. And let’s be honest, that’s a fantastic thing … Continue reading

Pop Quiz Winner

Only four entries this week.  Keric’s amazing retro “thought” balloon. Dreadyacht’s pirate balloon: awesome logo/basket. HerrD’s flask balloon: your description was hilarious! Bron’s Colonial balloon: colours and details all great. This week the one that made me go “whoa!!! wtf?” … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯148 (Public Domain: Animal Themed) Winner

Honourable Mentions: Melmo44 & Yin Winner: Vectorman316- El Lobo

JReviews: Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 10- Face The Raven

Well… Warning: Whilst this review does not contain major spoilers for this episode, it’s comments will. Watch the episode before commenting please.

Pop Quiz – Up, Up and Away

On November 21st, 1783 the first successful flight was made in a hot air balloon.  Your challenge this week is to create a hot air balloon design with a twist; the twist is that the design must evoke a specific … Continue reading

Character Of The Week: ExtremelyEPIC- Heavy Unit Turtle Shell

There were quite a few amazing pictures posted this week, but I have to give this weeks nod to ExtremelyEPIC for this masterclass on how to do atmosphere, lighting and taking constructive criticism. Originally this picture was much darker, which … Continue reading

Power User Profiles: Melmo44

You know a couple months back when I did Suleman’s profile I said I’d contacted a few other people to do Power User Profiles? Well guess what, someone finally got back to me about it. Today’s Power User is an … Continue reading

CYOA Wednesday: Channel U – Part 4

Well Folks it is time once again to return to the pages of our story, channel  U! Last week we were facing an enemy that was able to knock our shields out in a single blast and that could knock … Continue reading

Pop Quiz Results!

Six entries this week showing a wide range of interpretations of the subject. First we have a badass, aggressive assassin I’m guessing by Worf. Next we have Keric’s version; love the colours and costume. HerrD provides a light hearted and … Continue reading