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Character Of The Week: Roga Monk- Literally Everything They’ve Posted Thus Far

So, on Monday, this new guy starts a thread on the forums and starts filling it with work that literally causes peoples heads to explode… Hang on, didn’t I do this once before, for Valyndril? Oh well. Either way, I’m … Continue reading

The Bourbonville Krewe

Friend of HeroMachine John Hartwell has added another awesome Holiday League team to his roster, the Bourbonville Krewe! John’s one of the guys I played Champions with back in college, games that served as one of the primary motivations for … Continue reading

Geek Quiz ♯13: Star Trek

Okay, I’ve caved in, you can have a Trek quiz. This one’s going to be interesting because I haven’t really ever watched Star Trek (don’t hate me) so all of my information has come from either various websites (both official … Continue reading

Anime Talk: White-Washing?

This week on Anime Talk I want to discuss a topic I briefly touched upon in the comments of a previous Anime Talk talking about the live action Ghost in the Shell Movie that Dreamworks is putting together. That topic … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯110- Mech me some Robots

So, this weeks challenge is to create some sort of robot. Not a cyborg or mech-suit that is worn by a human, a mechanical automated machine controlled by an AI or simple program. It can be a utility robot like … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯109 (Aquatic) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯108 (Be Romantic) Results

Usually these polls fall into one of two categories. Either they’re close, with the winner being within 10 votes of second place, or the winner runs away with it. This week wasn’t close, but it wasn’t exactly a run away … Continue reading

Sounds like the original PUP’s to me.

Open Critique Day #14

Extremely sorry this wasn’t up on time (again). Just as a warning, I’m not going to be able to respond on here for most of Saturday because I have something going on in real life.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman