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Power User Profiles: Stulte

This weeks Power User is one of my favourites of the current crop of creators to have joined the community in the last few years and, much like Nug from 2 weeks ago, one of the forum members I enjoy … Continue reading

Kaldath’s Caption Contest #49

Ladies and Gentlemen gather round, for it is caption contest time! Since my selection for the contest last week as a bit of a flop it is my hope that you all are better inspired by this weeks selection! Your … Continue reading

Kaldath’s Caption Contest #48: Results

Last week I asked for your best dialogue for this image: Due to the small turn out for this contest there is no top 5 and I’m just going to announce your winner! Which is ……………………………………

Anime Talk: Halloween Edition

Last year at this time I gave you a list of  Anime that I like to watch during the Halloween Season. This year I am going to give a similar list, a list of 8 anime series I want to watch … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯96- Mad Scientists & Monsters

So, time for the annual Halloween contest and this year, instead of just asking you to design a monster, I thought I’d give y’all the opportunity to be a bit more creative. What I want from you is a duo … Continue reading

JReviews: Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 10- In The Forest Of The Night

Sorry this wasn’t up on Saturday guys, I’ve had a rough couple of days with IRL stuff and I haven’t had a chance to actually watch the episode until today. Anyway, on with the review.

Character Design Contest ♯95 (Smells Like Team Spirit) Poll

Character Design Contest ♯94 (Going Japanese)- Winner

Well, that has to be the most decisive CDC win we’ve ever had. Overall there were  194 votes cast for this poll and our winner received 109 of them, which is a bit of Overkill actually and a bit unfair … Continue reading

Nope, it’s Viagra.

Character Of The Week: Candruth- Portrait of a Blue Eyed Woman

I fear I would be neglecting my duty if I didn’t showcase this picture for this weeks COTW, even though it was originally posted last friday, just before the last COTW went up. But, technically, I pre-schedule these posts the … Continue reading