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Gallery Grabs: DJuby

So, as last week we had one consummate Canadian as featuree, why not have another one this week. And as we had a theme of shading last week, lets go with costuming for this week, because, if you haven’t twigged … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯118- Non-Standard

Ok, gonna try something a bit different for this weeks contest. So, the idea is you can create any kind of character you want, in any genre you feel like. But the catch is you cannot use any items from … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯117 (Inspired By Music) Poll

Songs that inspired these pieces (listen to whilst viewing art please) Cliff- Satyr Song Hawk007- Heart Of Courage Hexadecimal- Saw theme Malfar-Злодей и шапка Thundersong- The Moon Represents My Heart Mod Note: Ok, so before anyone says anything in the comments, … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯116 (Easter Eggs) Winner

Well that was an eggs-tremely good contest, full of eggs-ellent entries (and eggs-cruciating puns) and the poll was particularly hard boiled, I mean fought. But I can’t say the result was un-eggs-pected, considering our winner had the lead from pretty … Continue reading

Because oil drums are too mainstream.

Kaldath’s Corner: Scandal

  Greetings once again fellow machiners, as you know Kaldath’s Corner is here for me to share things with you that I have recently found and liked. This week is another music addition. I would like to share with you … Continue reading

Character Of The Week: Jeimuzu- Mech Suit: Breaker R3D

You know, I must be the only person on the forums who thinks “Oh good, Candruth and Jeimuzu haven’t posted anything this week, that means I can do something different for COTW”. Or I would think that, if I actually … Continue reading

Open Critique Day #22

*Note: I’ve been really busy recently, so I will not be able to give critiques. OCD isn’t going down, though, but you guys just won’t see much of me in the comments. I’ll probably be appearing more after April 24th.* … Continue reading

Geek Quiz ♯20: Heromachine

*folds arms impassively* Good luck. I’m expecting everyone to get at least 75% on this quiz (I’ve down graded my expectations from last week now that I’ve actually made the quiz). As you can obviously see, this weeks quiz is … Continue reading

Kaldath’s Caption Contest #63

After a little forgetfulness last week, it is once again time for our Bi-weekly Caption contest! This week I want your best Dialogue for the following image: The normal rules apply, which are: You are limited to Three (3) entries … Continue reading