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Power User Profiles: Candruth

So, I know on last weeks PUP I said I’d be alternating between PUP REDUX and Gallery Grabs each week and we should technically be having a Gallery grabs today rather than a PUP, plus this obviously isn’t a REDUX … Continue reading

Feedback Wanted

Something happened today that has gotten me extremely disgusted and pissed off. A former member of this community has accused me of abuse of power and to paraphrase, in a nut shell has said I am being a bully here … Continue reading

HeroMachine 2 Desktop Edition Now Available!

After way too long and a lot of requests later, I’ve finally bundled all of the most current HeroMachine 2 items and the larger-canvas, no-ad layout into a downloadable bundle! This used to be an option back in the day … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯115- Ranger Danger

Ok, so this week sees the last of our Fantasy RPG classes contests, and we’re focusing on the Ranger class. For those of you unsure about this one, because it is  probably the least defined of all of the classes, the … Continue reading

Character Design Contest ♯114 (Rogues) Poll

Honourable Mentions: Ubiquitous Pixel and Cliff

Character Design Contest ♯113 (Clerics) Winner

We didn’t manage to quite get the turn out for this poll as we did last week, but we still managed to accumulate a fair number of votes. And it wasn’t a steamroller victory, though our winner was comfortably in … Continue reading

Says the man with wings on his feet.

New Policy On Contests!

Okay folks, I am going to say this just once. I will NO LONGER TOLERATE  complaints about how contests are judged on any of the comment sections of any post on this blog. If you feel you have a legitimate complaint then … Continue reading

Open Critique Day #19

And it’s another OCD! By the way, would you guys like me to do something special for the next OCD, seeing as that one is going to be the 20th I’ve done? As for how this goes, you post a work of … Continue reading

Character Of the Week……?

You know, it’s an odd feeling when you’re happy that you’ve got a group of people doing their absolute best to make life difficult for you. Because that’s how I felt deciding this weeks COTW. Honestly. Just to give you an … Continue reading