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Prize for Kellkin

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I just fell in love with Aegis.

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Expanding my newest team of superheroes

Crown: the leader of the New Paladins, daughter of the original Crown, mutant

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Song on now Twist of fate by Olivia N. John

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Here is Sir Richard Seaton, the British spymaster in charge of superhuman intelligence. He is a mutant with the ability to communicate, see through, and control birds. He was once the hero Falconer and fought nazis alongside Eternity and other WWII era heroes.

He and several other heroes gained slowed aging when they took on and defeated Dr Lazarus, a mad scientist whose technology stole the life force of others and could transfer it. An army of heroes marched onto his compound but were attacked by his technology. About half the heroes died, but those that lived were given an excess of life. In the years that followed, he became a spy using his birds to gather intelligence. He eventually rose to become Britain's top spy and has remained as such until today.


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This is an NPC from the Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader game I'm in.

Lieutenant Hannelotte Braun is the second in command of the Impostor's security forces. She has been serving on the Impostor longer than the ship's records can tell. Careful research has confirmed: Braun is old as balls. While she doesn't talk much about her past, it's clear that she used to serve in the Imperial Guard over several campaigns and only lost half her body in the process. An impressive feat.

She is so old that her health and appearance have started to deteriorate, despite her rejuvenation treatments. Her cyborg parts are also ancient, and don't function quite as well as they used to. Her prosthetic jaw makes her talk with a slight lisp. Her cybernetic eye often wanders and she has to manually correct its position. One of her legs is stiffer than the other, forcing her to use her modified laser cannon as a crutch.

Despite her health issues, her mind is still sharp. She used to be the chief of security before Holt took on the job, and provides valuable counsel as well as very effective fire support.


Bonus: A height comparison of the security crew officers I've made so far.

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latest CDC entry...

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This is a commission I did for a writer friend of mine...he is called Kid Tomorrow.