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Great concepts! Great pose for Lady Ornella! Great colors!

Very nice, I'm looking forward to what you make next.

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This is waterlord, Garadja. She protected sea and ocean.

This is water samurai. He exiled from Atlantic kingdom for disobedience.

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Night Fall II

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Thanks so much JR! I admire your work as well!

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Love the shading and the colour scheme on the Champion of Restoration, it really works well.

You're off to a very good start.

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...and yes, I realise that in my initial design the colours of the two feet wraps are different. That was changed in the final design

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So my next character is my third Champion out of the eight and he is the Champion of Restoration!

Champion of Restoration

This champion is a master of the art of healing. Not only has he mastered multiple forms of medicine and treatments but he has the amazing ability to heal himself from almost any injury. Although it may look like it, he is not blind... he simply has all-seeing eyes. To be honest though I just thought the eyes looked cool, lol.

The design of this character was originally an angel (hence the halo). However I thought the wings cluttered the design and added a dimension that wasn't needed. I'll attach an image of my initial design to show you what he originally looked like. I also removed the pattern from his robe as I liked it better without.

I think the contrast of the navy blue to the pale, sand yellow looks good and gives him a regal look. Perhaps I could have tried a purple colour for his robes but that might not look as good. Something to consider for next time I guess. Anyway, I liked the way he turned out although he isn't one of my favourites.


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Back to heroes for a minute. Here is Father Time. While working on a team tasked with creating a time machine, Charles Saturn ended up in a freak lab accident, turning him into a human time machine. Now, Saturn can teleport, travel through time, speed up time, slow down time, or reverse time (he cannot, however, absolutely stop time.) He also drank water from the same spring as the Warrior and the Wolf, though not until he was substantially older. He is a good friend of the Warrior, and was one of the founding members of the original All-Stars team.

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on now, podcast

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Headless good stuff as usual like ugly-man just grows on you the more you look at it , Very interesting design on King Frio