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Number 2423820:

Some edgy samurai dude; I don't know if I should write a backstory or not. Eh.

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I don't even know what number this is. I can't be bothered lmao

Anyway, this is my first super-villain-type dude.

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I can't seem to figure out how to post 🙂

Heromachine3 originals in an earlier post, ars gratia ars

did I name them?  I renamed them, then.

I keep trying to unpost one of the frogs, he must be stubborn,


and the last one I cannot find my heromachine3 original, but here he is, friend of all the world,

Pocket Kim

thanks again to heromachine  and wishing all love, messy art, and peace


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Quite Amazing 🙂

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Cool work. Would that be available in color or with a night sky soon?

Night sky? Possibly.

Color? Probably not. The reason I did it gray scale is because none of the preset colors had a sufficient gradient range and I've never really got the hang of effectively using the custom color palette.

Also, entry for CDC 342: "Hero Machine: The game!"

1. Be the first to collect: -8 Body cards (2 arms, 1 head, 2 hands, 1 torso, 2 legs)
-4 Clothing cards (1 hat, 1 top, 1 legwear, 1 shoes)
-2 Item cards
-& 1 Background card!
2. Trade with your opponents’ to get the cards you need! 3. Use CDC cards to force other players to use their cards to make the pictured characters before they can complete their own! 4. Land on the “Start!” square to pick a Body, Clothing, Item, or Background card out of the discard pile from previously-played CDCs!

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Thank you, my old friend.

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OH YEAH!!!  Just logged on and saw your post.  Welcome back, bud!

...and thanks wonderful new girlfriend!  First character he makes get dedicated to you!




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Hi, how have you all been?  ...I know it's weird that I announced a comeback and then went silent again...but, okay...what had happened was my computer died.  Completely, gone, lost everything.  And being a poor man who is taking care of a displaced family, money for a new computer was not something that I had...BUT, here's where the story takes a turn.  The new girl in my life bought me a computer for my birthday!!!  I'm back online...and have so many ideas and concepts I've been itching to do!!!

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So here's a breakthrough of how Agent Albatross was made.


Started out trying to make a completely different character, a charismatic pacifist who had lost her arms.

Stole her boots from this... vampire pirate guy, whatever his deal is.

Could not make the pose work as well as I hoped, so I started reworking the design into a sailor type. Rather than her arms, she had lost a leg.


The pose still wasn't quite right and didn't seem balanced. So I tweaked the angles and swapped her legs.

Once I got the pose like I wanted it, I started working on the colors and the background.

The stars needed some work. I added twinkling to cover up the biggest ones, which looked a little out of place. I also added several gradients to break the monotony and create a rather pretty view of space.


Started working on the shading, one item at a time. Breaking the process into smaller pieces like that helped my sanity.

Once the shading was done, I saved the image and immediately closed the window so I wouldn't be tempted to make further tweaks or changes.