Nerdmudgeon: Dark World!

In this week's episode of Nerdmudgeon, me and my buddies talk about "Thor: Dark World"! Please drop by and give us a listen if you get the chance, and if you're so inclined, pass the word around to YOUR nerd friends!

Thor is my favorite MCU Avenger, and I hadn't seen this movie before watching it for the podcast. Did I love it? Did I hate it like everyone else seems to?! Tune in and find out!

One Response to Nerdmudgeon: Dark World!

  1. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    “Teletubbies attacking Asgardians.” Perfect summation. And “The Incredible Hulk” and “The Avengers” comments are closed? Is “The Incredible Hulk” considered MCU? “Dark World” was empty. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a better story-arc with Jemma Simmons stranded on Maveth.

    I am late to the party but I will add my hay-pennies and maybe toss a couple of farthings into the conversation. The Nerdmudgeon panel pretty much summed my thoughts on “Dark World.” And very enjoyable and lively discussion, you three!