Nerdmudgeon reviews “Iron Man 2”!

Didn't get enough Iron Man in our last episode? Check out the latest from Nerdmudgeon as we discuss "Iron Man 2"! It's filled with all the secrets THEY DIDN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!*

*There are no actual secrets in this episode.

2 Responses to Nerdmudgeon reviews “Iron Man 2”!

  1. The Atomic Punk says:

    Nerdmudgeon has been fun so far. I haven’t listened to the review of Captain Marvel because that is how far behind I am on the MCU movies in release order…

    You guys make excellent points of where the movies succeed and fall short. I will watch for Hugo Weaving grabbing at his mask the next time I run across Captain America. Definitely agree that Iron Man was not only a surprise hit but the MCU would not exist without it. As I have said many a time, Robert Downey Jr was the perfect casting call. Also, Tony Stark is the character who grows the most throughout the movies.

    Then Iron Man 2 almost killed the franchise. Best part of the movie was Mickey Rourke’s Russian accent. The worst was Scarlett Johannson’s lack thereof.

    Five stars. Can’t wait for the review of Thor.

  2. AFDStudios says:

    Thanks so much, Atomic Punk, your kind words are very much appreciated!