CDC #390 – International Justice – Results

This was a really tough one to call. So much so that I am torn between two entries. Therefore we have a tie! Our two winners are...

Matador by Ubiquitous Pixel and...


Bruxa Vingadora-by Thundersong.

Both beautifully rendered, and intriguing characters.

Your prizes will be posted in the blog page later this week.

2 Responses to CDC #390 – International Justice – Results

  1. Wow! Thank You for the honor to be included next to Ubiquitous Pixel. 🙂 I am still learning shading. lol More practice…and more…:) Thank You again!!!


  2. Ubiquitous Pixel

    Wow!Thank You for the honor to be included next to Ubiquitous Pixel.I am still learning shading. lolMore practice…and more…:)Thank You again!!!

    Hey you’re doing well, just keep at it:)! I like to add colors to my character darker than I plan, so when I add the pattern with the original color I like, it really brings it out! Good job Thundersong!


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