CDC #348– Ice Ice Baby

So it is January in Canada, and this seemed like a wildly appropriate topic for a CDC. Your challenge this week is to follow the link below to a list of public domain superheroes with ice powers and re-imagine one of them for 2018

Enter a often as you like!

Rules for posts, contests, and challenges: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. Please keep all submissions PG13: full or partial nudity is prohibited. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warning. Only post characters that have been created solely using Hero Machine, and that you know for certain have never been entered in a contest before. If you aren’t certain, don’t enter it, because I’m not going to go back through all of the contests and check.

All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like the HeroMachine :,ImageShack, Deviant Art or whatever);Do not use Photobucket.

  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • The image must be new and designed specifically for the Pop Quiz;
  • No copyrighted characters please – they will be deleted.
  • Please name your filesas [your name]-[character name].[file extension] before you upload it. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his “Bayou Belle” character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.

Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this).

This contest will close at 9am Eastern on Sunday January 21st.

7 Responses to CDC #348– Ice Ice Baby

  1. Herman Smellville says:

    I like how the entry for Omega Frost was done using HM:

  2. gjc6664 says:

    Doctor Frost:
    I have created a bit of an extra backstory using the limited information from the page.
    One day, researchers found a baby floating on a piece of ice around the north pole. No one knows how the baby got there. All that is known is that this baby showed a remarkable capacity for surviving in cold climates. This baby grew up to be Doctor Frost.
    Doctor Frost can manipulate ice with his hands. His powers don’t work in warm, dry climates. As such, I personally decided to give him a suit that served to fix this issue, keeping his arms cool and moisturized.

  3. Avery Maskell says:

    King of Darkness, re-imagined to be a theoretical physicist warped by the properties of negative matter, giving him the ability to radiate cold, project shadow, and levitate against gravity, turning him into the eerie avenger, the ghostly guardian, the deathly defender, the King of Darkness.

  4. melmo44 says:

    I went with Snowman:

    I didn’t change anything about the character’s backstory. It says he was a statue most of the time and protector of an Inuit-like people so I made him more location-appropriate as an Inukshuk. I did take liberty with the arms, but he needed some kind of arms to fight with.

    As a Canadian, and one who lives in a place that’s occasionally colder than Mars and/or The North Pole, I appreciate this contest 🙂

  5. djuby says:

    Contest closed. Results posted shortly.