Character Design Challenge #331 – There is No “I” in Team!

So I am out of town from July 23rd until August 8th, so I decided to post a CDC that would run over a period of two weeks.

Your challenge is to design a superhero team of no fewer than four and no more than six characters. At least one member of the team must be female.

For submissions, either post a single image containing all the characters, or post individual images all as part of the same comment post. Do not divide up your entries on multiple comments.

Include your team’s name and a brief (brief Cliff!) description of each character’s role in the team.

Rules for posts, contests, and challenges: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. Please keep all submissions PG13. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warning. Only post characters that have been created solely using Hero Machine, and that you know for certain have never been entered in a contest before. If you aren’t certain, don’t enter it, because I’m not going to go back through all of the contests and check.

All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like the HeroMachine :,ImageShackDeviantArt, or whatever - Please do not use Photobucket);

  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • Please name your filesas [your name]-[character name].[file extension] before you upload it. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his “Bayou Belle” character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.

Please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this).

This contest will close on Tuesday, August 8th at 9:00am Eastern

33 Responses to Character Design Challenge #331 – There is No “I” in Team!

  1. Xinmodic says:

    Does the description affect the judging. Like if i just have 6 random people in a team all doing diffrent things, would i having 6 people in a team each with a different attribute that actually makes them effective because they are in a team. I dont know if i explained that well lol.

    Say i made a “team” with a football, basketball, golf, soccer, tennis player. or a “team” of football players. Does the football team do better lol?

  2. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    Does the description affect the judging. Like if i just have 6 random people in a team all doing diffrent things, would i having 6 people in a team each with a different attribute that actually makes them effective because they are in a team. I dont know if i explained that well lol.

    Say i made a “team” with a football, basketball, golf, soccer, tennis player. or a “team” of football players. Does the football team do better lol?

    Well that depend on the sport their playing

  3. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    Hey I’m having problems exporting my images every time I try I’m sent to this link,%20Mirage,%20Amrageddon,%20Shockquake,%20Nate.png

    Can someone help me?

  4. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    Rekulhs Nathe:
    Hey I’m having problems exporting my images every time I try I’m sent to this link,%20Mirage,%20Amrageddon,%20Shockquake,%20Nate.png

    Can someone help me?

    Okay I found the problem nevermind, I was trying to do a group picture for the contest but it wasn’t working so i tried a single person and boom it worked

  5. gjc6664 says:

    Only six characters? Okay.
    The All-Stars:
    The Electric Eel:
    The son of Poseidon, the king of a vast underwater kingdom, the Electric Eel can breathe underwater, can swim really fast (even while wearing full armor), run somewhat fast, has slightly enhanced strength, and can summon and manipulate electricity. The Electric Eel is also the leader of the All-Stars.
    The Eagle:
    The result of experiments done upon him as a child, the eagle has wings, talons, enhanced speed, slightly enhanced strength, and extremely good eyesight. A bit more cynical than the rest of the team, with a more prominent dark side than the other members. Serves as the team’s surveillance.
    The Comet:
    Can fly, and has super speed and strength. Her flight, however, is not used for surveillance, but more to prepare her attacks, made even more powerful by her super speed.
    Has fire powers. Can fly, but only at a limited height and speed, and for a few seconds. Quips much more frequently than his teammates. The youngest member.
    A genius who can levitate, communicate mentally with other people, and has telekinesis. Has an eidetic (photographic) memory.
    The Warrior:
    The Warrior is the only member of the All-Stars without superpowers. However, the Warrior is the greatest swordsman in the world, and has trained to elevate his strength, speed, endurance, and agility well above that of most humans. The oldest member.

  6. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    The Strategical Tactic Rad Operational Ninja Group
    is a team of heroes fighting for good

    Thread Man
    -Role: Team Leader
    -Powers: Clothing control and manipulation

    -Role: Strategic and Stealth adviser/coordinator
    -Powers: Invisibility, Excellent aim and combat skills

    -Role: Sorcery and supernatural Expert
    -Powers: Psychokinesis, Fire Constructs, Portal Creation

    -Role: Computer/Engineering/Hacking Expert
    -Powers: Super-Strength, Near Invincibility, High Level Intelligence, Electricity Blasts and Electric limbs

    -Role: Financial Provider
    -Powers: Can’t Die

  7. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    A team of young heroes and sidekicks

    Little Disaster, Daughter of Armageddon
    -Role: Team Leader
    -Powers: Causes bad luck, Disaster Creation

    Clothe Kid, Sidekick of Thread Man
    -Role: Team’s Support and Little Disaster’s Boyfriend
    -Powers: Can apply other’s powers to clothing

    Nate’s Shadow, Nate’s lost shadow
    -Role: Team’s Silent Partner
    -Powers: Is a Living Shadow

    -Role: Team’s Muscle
    -Powers: Super-Strength, Extreme Durability

  8. JR19759 says:

    Ok, since I’ve been doing a lot of super-team recently, might as well enter this one.
    1st Entry: Supernatural Response And Containment Field Team
    – The SRC are an organisation under the supervision of the World Internation Law Division (W.I.L.D) that deals with anything supernatural that could threaten the safety and security of our world, from ghosts to demons. Their field operations team is led by the half-demon Azaria Thomas (aka. Demon Girl) and includes the werewolf Tracy Samuels (Wolf-Hunter), the vampire Victoria Lewis (Nightwatch), the magic user Alex Finch and the self-proclaimed Archangel Gabriel D’Angelo (Gabriel)

    2nd Entry: W.I.L.D A Division Team 1
    -The World International Law Divison was set up to police the worlds growing superhuman population that blossomed after the effects of a mysterious event called “The Moment” began to truely show its scale. Gathering together a group of the most powerful superhumans to work as a first response team, A Division is the worlds first line of defence against potentially world ending threats. For smaller missions the A Division operatives are usually split into two teams, led by The Titan and Amazon (pictured centre) respectively.

    3rd Entry: W.I.L.D A Division Team 2
    -(See description for 2nd Entry)

  9. Drinkfluid says:

    After leaving it way too long, here’s my team; the Heroes For Hire.

    The Heroes For Hire are a mercenary team from Universe A who take assignments from other universes. Despite having done some morally questionable jobs in the past, they refuse to do anything outright evil (e.g. killing benevolent rulers, performing acts of terrorism)

    (Note: the roles will be written as, in order; RPG Class (attack methods/stats), TF2 Class (fighting style/personality aspects), TV Tropes Five-Man-Band formula (actual role))

    Kassandra Clayton:

    Role: Sorcerer (inherent magical gift)/Pyro (fire-based attacks, constantly mask-wearing)/The Leader (founded
    Location of origin: α-898
    Fact: she hadn’t been to Earth before joining Heroes For Hire, so she talks like how people think someone from the Wild West would talk.
    Quotes: “Ya’ll came to the wrong place, cowboy.”, “How’s ya like THEM apples?”

    Cyberguard 34334:

    Role: Sapper (uses explosives (shot from his Arm Cannon)), Demoman (aforementioned explosives, loud voice, terrible Scottish accent, quotes Demoman’s voice lines), The Big Guy (strong, about 8 feet tall)
    Location of origin: New York
    Fact: his creator played WAY too many First Person Shooters.
    Quotes: “Oh, they’re gonna have to glue YOU back together… IN HELL!”, “KA-BEWWWWM!”


    Role: Medic (has healing technology), Engineer (can build machinery to help in combat which she can repair by hitting it), The Chick (the girliest of the female members)
    Location of origin: Bromley, South London
    Fact: was severely injured in a lab accident which burned off all her hair, so she wears a wig.
    Quotes: “DAMN, you’re weak!”, “I’ve seen stronger Pritt Sticks!”


    Role: Tank (large, strong), Heavy (see previous), The Big Guy (mute, strong)
    Location of origin: the void between worlds
    Fact: to this day, he still doesn’t know what a fork does.
    Quote: “…”, “…”

    Magnolia Corpus:

    Role: Fighter (strong, tough), Scout (fast, same accent), The Lancer (more serious than Kassandra, is actually from America)
    Location of origin: New York
    Fact: Kassandra calls Magnolia’s plasma arms “Leif T.” and “Ry T.”
    Quotes: “THIS is for almost killing my friend, and THIS is for attempting to destroy my city!”, “Busy. Killing robots. Call me later.”

  10. gjc6664 says:

    Entry #2: The Olympians.
    The Olympians are my take on the Greek gods as superheroes. They are also constantly fighting each other and showing off. Most of them are in it for selfish reasons, and are honestly kind of butts.
    God of the heavens. He can summon and manipulate lightning. The leader of the Olympians.
    Godess of wisdom
    Bloodthirsty god of war
    God of the sea. Has a trident that can create islands and mountains, but can also cause earthquakes and tsunamis.
    God of the dead and king of the underworld. Has a helmet which allows him to turn invisible.
    God of many things, among them medicine, music, and archery. Drives the chariot which pulls the sun.

  11. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    Street Level
    This is a team of Street Level heroes that work together to fight the good fight on the mean streets of the city.

    Upper Right Corner- Sewer Rat
    -Bio: Born and raised in the sewers came above ground and saw the beautiful surface and swore to protect it.
    -Role: Team’s Technology Expert and Builder And Breaker
    -Powers: Sharp teeth and claws, High Intelligence

    Lower Right Corner- Blackjack
    -Bio: Once a Magician’s assistant she got fired cause she stole money to fuel her gambling addiction, but she was pulled out of it when she was asked to help on a case with some other heroes and she got a new addiction fighting crime.
    -Role: Team’s Sorcery and Gambling Expert
    -Powers: Expert Gambler, Magic Parlor Tricks

    Lower Left Corner- Bladdermouth
    -Bio: Was Once a goon for the mod still he talked to the cops, then they shut his yap and nearly killed his ass, he survived and became an info broker still he was asked to work on a case with some other heroes and now he works for them.
    -Role: Team’s Muscle and Interrogator
    -Powers: Increased Strength

    Upper Left Corner- Pain
    -Bio: An Ex-Police Detective who was fired for being to brutal, she became her own justice.
    -Role: Team’s Lead Detective
    -Powers: No Sense of Touch or Pain, Combat Skills, Detective Skills

    Center- Hoodlum
    -Bio: Once a young teenager he thought about the heroes of this world and how he wanted to help so he decided to start training to become a hero and now many years later here he is. He gathered other heroes together to work together on a level that other heroes were ignoring the Street Level.
    -Role: Team Leader
    -Powers: Combat Skills, Gadgets, Thinks differently then other people, Can’t be controlled by any means

  12. Rachelle Dockerty says:

    Meet Team MEAT. Meet Team Meat (Maraiah, Enna, Adrianna, Tomiko).
    Mariah is the muscle. She has a chip on her shoulder and loves taking it out on the bad guys.
    Enna is quick with the power of flight. She scouts and likes to use her powers to prank her teammates.
    Adrianna is tough. She’s a street fighter that has been on her own since 13. She can read people’s thoughts and doesn’t like what they are thinking. She’s the MEAT lead.
    Tomiko is a shameless self promoter. She is the groups PR… but it doesn’t stop there. She can breath underwater and can manipulate water whenever it is present.

  13. barbario says:

    No name for the team. They are just “Special Agents” of a quasi-government agency.

    Jackson Murphy aka Wolfman aka Lobo Oro aka The Wolf
    Basically a super-cop. “What if Steve Rogers was the Hulk… and also a werewolf.”

    Edith Snow
    Last of the Chosen. “Kimmy Schmidt with a huge silver ax.”

    Aleksandr Stojka
    Russian/Romani ghost-killer. Yeah… KILLER.×375.png

    Gunslinger aka The Duke
    Clock-work cyborg vampire-hunter. More machine now than man.×375.png

    Vampire. “American Psycho but a vampire too.”

    Same guy but after being cured of vampirism and becoming a “demi-god” in an attempt at redemption.×375.png

    Yeah that didn’t take so he went to Hell and became a demon lord instead.×375.png

    “Telekinesis” Kyle
    Just the guy’s name is great.

  14. barbario says:

    I dont know why some of the pix are smaller. If that disqualifies me it’s cool. I kinda just want people to see them lol.

    BTW Everyone’s teams are cool!

  15. Drinkfluid says:

    No name for the team. They are just “Special Agents” of a quasi-government agency.

    Jackson Murphy aka Wolfman aka Lobo Oro aka The Wolf
    Basically a super-cop. “What if Steve Rogers was the Hulk… and also a werewolf.”

    Edith Snow
    Last of the Chosen. “Kimmy Schmidt with a huge silver ax.”

    Aleksandr Stojka
    Russian/Romani ghost-killer. Yeah… KILLER.×375.png

    Gunslinger aka The Duke
    Clock-work cyborg vampire-hunter. More machine now than man.×375.png

    Vampire. “American Psycho but a vampire too.”

    Same guy but after being cured of vampirism and becoming a “demi-god” in an attempt at redemption.×375.png

    Yeah that didn’t take so he went to Hell and became a demon lord instead.×375.png

    “Telekinesis” Kyle
    Just the guy’s name is great.

    I think that goes over the maximum amount of members…

  16. barbario says:

    Drinkfluid: I think that goes over the maximum amount of members…

    Nah, the one guy just has multiple incarnations. But again if I did it wrong my feelings wont be hurt. Just here to have fun.

  17. Rekulhs Nathe says:

    barbario: Nah, the one guy just has multiple incarnations. But again if I did it wrong my feelings wont be hurt. Just here to have fun.

    No even not counting the one with multiple incarnations it still goes over by one

  18. JR19759 says:

    @Barbario- Yeah, you’ve got 7 there + one alternate. I can’t speak for djuby, as he’s on holiday right now and I don’t think it’s likely we’ll get clarification on this from him until entries close, but what I would say if I were still running the contest is clarify which entries you want to be judged. If you can still edit your entry post go back and remove one of the characters and one of the two pictures of the same guy. That way you’re ok for judging either way. If you can’t edit the post I can do it for you if you want, just tell me which links to remove. But it’s up to you, as I said, djuby is in charge of the CDCs not me so you don’t have to listen to a word I say, I’m just giving advice.

  19. barbario says:

    There’s SIX guys. Wolfman, Edith, Alex, Sansonne, Gunslinger and Kyle. The other two are the same guy as “Sansonne”. Delete “Azrael” and “Siddartha” please. Those are the “alts”. Sorry for being difficult.

  20. Avery Maskell says:

    The top row is the Star Sailors at their peak. The middle row shows them after the dissolution of the team and their return to civilian life. The third row shows the Star Sailors reunited in the modern day as the only hope Earth has to defend against a new threat.

    The Star Sailors were originally conceived in the early ’90s as an international team of amateur space explorers meant to ease tensions lingering from the Cold War. Due to the poor funding and absurdly dangerous nature of the endeavour, only three people, two American and one Scottish, signed on. Two amphibious daerovaks from the planet Calos VI joined during the team’s first successful interstellar voyage.
    The Star Sailors swiftly rose to unexpected popularity on Earth, due to the team’s small, diverse, ragtag nature, the colourful nature of their adventures, their relative lack of superpowers, and their refreshingly lighthearted style, in contrast to the constant depressing news coming out about the Exemplars, the previous most popular superhero team. The Star Sailors featured in a ten-issue comic book series, had a breakfast cereal, made guest appearances on TV, and had songs written about them, notably the chart-topping “Hey There Mr. Spaceman.”
    As alien contacts increased and serious threats began to arise, the Star Sailors teamed up with Earth’s OTHER spacefaring protectors – a group of humanoid star-based aliens (known as astrals) called the Shooting Stars. The amalgamated team briefly branded itself the Shooting Star Sailors until this name turned out to be copyrighted. They did not have time to rebrand before difficulties in dealing with the astrals and their problems, as well as a major incident about which neither party will speak, led to the separation of the two groups and to the Star Sailors disbanding outright.
    Now, the Shooting Stars are incapacitated, powerless and captured by their longtime foes, the Stellar Hegemony. The Hegemony’s forces now have their sights set on Earth, and the remaining Star Sailors have no choice but to answer the call to duty.

    From left to right:

    Robert William Keith XI, The Cyborg
    The team’s technical expert, Robert comes from a proud line of engineers… who were all horrifically unoriginal with names. Technology he developed allowed the Frontier, which he originally called Apollo 21, to travel between the stars. He was outfitted with multiple cybernetic parts on the left side of his body to repair injuries sustained in an antimatter-related accident. A true Scotsman, he originally wore a kilt as part of his outfit, but was strongly advised to switch to a pair of shorts after accidentally offending a group of alien diplomats. He has been living in retirement since an attempt to travel to another galaxy caused him to age nearly two decades.

    Taro Dagra, Captain Crimson
    The resident pilot, Dagra is one of the most skillful pilots in the sector due to a combination of his very swift reaction time (typical of the daerovak species) and a condition comparable to autism which grants him exceptionally excellent spatial reasoning. Like all members of his species, he can regenerate from nearly any injury, even fatal ones, though long-term repeated damage to the brain can result in various mental issues. Camera-shy and uncomfortable in social situations, Dagra was always the least public of the Star Sailors. After the group’s dissolution, he continued living on Earth, joining the US Navy as an expert navigator. An electrical fire occurred in his home, severely damaging his old outfit, though the house was saved. Nevertheless, he keeps what remains of the costume, and still puts it on occasionally to look at himself in the mirror and remember better times.

    Larry Jemison, Galaktonaut
    The team leader and most prominent member, Larry’s father was a subject in an experiment seeking to create more resilient soldiers through genetic modification. No observable changes occurred in the subjects, and the effort was deemed a failure. However, children of the test subjects did manifest unusual traits and abilities in an unpredictable fashion. From birth, Larry has been resistant to extremes of temperature, and is able to survive for brief periods in a vacuum or even underwater. His charisma, easygoing nature, and perpetual optimism swiftly endeared him to the public. He eventually married fellow Star Sailor Jessica Bondar. They had one child together: a daughter named Stephanie. Now living as a sanitation worker, he tries to remain upbeat and supportive in the wake of his wife’s disappearance and Stephanie’s joining the Shooting Stars to search for her.

    Shem Nama, Showstopper
    Another daerovak, Nama was originally an entertainer similar to a clown with the skills of an actor and a magician. Donning brightly coloured armour and wielding a flashy stun-staff, her ability to distract, to mislead, and to make herself the centre of attention made her ideal to take point and to act as a diversion in hostile situations. Her natural regenerative capabilities and great strength also made her an appropriate choice for a living shield when necessary. She also possesses reasonably advanced medical knowledge of several humanoid species. Like Dagra, she stayed on Earth after the team disbanded, buying a ranch where she breeds, rides, and shows horses. Though she still enjoys entertaining people, she values her privacy these days and usually goes out in public incognito.

    Jessica Jemison (née Bondar), Starburst
    Even among astronaut superheroes, Jessica was an anomaly. Despite claiming to be an American citizen, no documentation related to her was ever found. Her origins remain to this day a complete mystery. She was extremely reluctant to talk about her past, focusing instead on making the most of the present and dreaming of the future. Despite appearing and being genetically completely human, she possessed many of the powers of an astral, able to generate and shape plasma, survive without basic human necessities seemingly indefinitely, and even levitate with sufficient effort. Astral-human hybrids are impossible, and her 12 year-old daughter Stephanie shows absolutely no signs of being anything other than human. Not even Larry knows who and what she really was. She disappeared in the night when her daughter was just under a year old, and the Frontier disappeared along with her. Larry is sure she is still alive, and Stephanie is determined to find her.

    Terry Hwang
    A 13 year-old child and Stephanie Jemison’s best friend, Terry was among the first to learn of the capture of the Shooting Stars. One of the only humans to understand the danger posed by the forces of the Stellar Hegemony, he contacted the four remaining Star Sailors to convince them to reunite as Earth’s last line of defence, and has gone along with them. Though he has no superhero name or costume, he hopes to properly join the team someday… if any of them make it out alive. He is, as always, dressed as though it is the middle of summer.

    I have big plans for these characters and ideas, so I would ask that everyone please not steal them.

  21. Brons says:

    My (first) team is Household Operations, four powered and two skilled individuals:

    This team is actually a team within a team. It comprises the main operations members of The Household. The Household is my super world’s answer to the question of “Where do all the heroes and villains get their uniforms, armor, gadgets, identity documents, lairs and emergency medical support?” The Household is not on either side, heroes or villains. They supply anyone who needs it and can pay. Since they deal with meta humans, vigilantes, law enforcement and criminals, they need protection for themselves. That is the job of Household Operations.

    Starting in the from row on the left we have Fiera, Titania and Spark, known as The Triad (sure, a team within a team with a team). Fiera, whose powers are fire and flight, and Spark (lightning) have been friends, lovers and husband and wife for just about their entire life. Before the Household they were members of the anarchistic Firebrands. Shortly after joining the Household they may Titania, queen of Faery, daughter of the Titans. They became a triad, on duty and off.

    In the back row, we have Dragonfly, the Guard aka Chief, and Chan Lee. Dragonfly is Fiera’s sister and has been jealous of Fiera’s powers since they emerged when she was a teenager. When she met Titania, she persuaded the Faerie Queen to transform her, and now, possessing wings and telekinetic powers, she can fly at least as well as her sister. The beer-bellied Guard is easily underestimated, but in fact, he is a highly decorated veteran of DevGru, aka SEAL Team Six. Chan Lee is officially a martial arts teacher on the service side of the Household, but he is an inveterate and cock-sure do-gooder, who can’t really be kept out of operations.

    Being a business, the Household engages in a good deal of public relations, including regular customer receptions and galas. The operations team attends these in order to protect the rest of the Household and the House. The right side of the image shows them in the sorts of outfits they wear for these receptions.

    For more details on the Household, see the following Facebook Note:

  22. Brons says:

    In for a penny, in for a pound, and so…
    My second team is a 90s-vintage team from my superworld, known as “The Bad Girls”:

    Vixen, the erstwhile partner of the Blue Fox. Like most of the Bad Girls, she is a non-powered vigilante.

    Bette Noir, the first masked vigilante in their world, or perhaps more likely, one of several women to have played that role.

    Deadly Night Shade, who is thought to be Bette Noir’s teen sidekick Bella Donna, grown up.

    Masquerade, a reformed criminal known for her ability to impersonate others. With her blank face and snow white skin, she appears to be a metahuman, perhaps a shape shifter.

    Masquerade’s sidekick, Domino.

    The Bad Girls are a 90s revival or reflection of the 1940s group, the Good Girls:

  23. Xinmodic says:

    My first team is Element Team. Each member is an embodiment of the 4 elements, and like the elements no one is greater then the other.

    “Gaia” The Monstrous Mother Earth: She takes the earth and nature as her own body and uses it to create and ultimate defense of bushels and vines and spikes all around her and her teammates as needed. And uses her beast like strength to pummel the enemies of the earth.

    “Aquarius” The Water Wizard: Forming into water itself he is able to aptly move across any terrain and can take any enemy caught inside his wave with him. Shooting waves, casting hail, trapping evil in bubbles are just some of the ways he has learned to use his aquatic abilities.

    “Solar” The Fire Huntsman: He was once a hunter, when human, and has not stopped. He now just hunts bigger game, evil. Using his flames to enhance his weapons for a stronger and faster hit he en-lights his enemies no mater where in the dark they try to hide.

    “Aeolus” The Wind Sorcerer: A scholar of knowledge, he can hear all that travels on “his” winds. Besides stopping any enemies to the earth he tries to stop any storms that could hurt mankind as well, by trapping them in his staff that can be used on Evil foes. Although The Aether doesn’t care for this as it is part of the natural order, he believes so is evil and if he is allowed to stop them he should be able to stop anything that is hurtful to those who have grown to see him and his friends as their protectors.

    “The Aether” (unshown) the Mystical watcher of the world that has always been and bestowed our 4 heroes their new forms and abilities.

  24. Xinmodic says:

    Next is a mismatched team of interstellar beings who all through happenstance found one another fighting a dastardly Evil Space King, and decided they work well together.

    Their Leader is Glima Talone, She is apart of an alien spices that can produce a space flame different in properties depending on the situation. She can use them propel herself to defend herself and her new friends and with the help of Gizzon and the headset he made her she can now do compressed blasts from her eyes.

    Gizzon is a tech-genius. He travels along the galaxy and tries to learn what he can as far as each planets technical advances. Hes made fabric that adjust to whatever temperature he is in, and immensely durable. As his species isn’t the most agile or quick he has built a Hover Pad for him to move, Blasters to hit his enemies on the fly, and specs that allow him to process the fast moving pace of battle.

    Tornn Gnin is a essentially a space Wizard to most. A very rare, near extinct thanks to the evil space king, alien whose natural abilities are like magic to the rest of the universe. His race is able to produce creatures and items from their minds. They appear as ghostly green creatures, making everyone but his friends think he is actually raising the dead to help fight.

    Abel is another oddity. A genetically enhanced chimera of multiple creatures originally made as the evil space kings personal “pet”. Massive, indestructible, strong and a variety of as of yet unknown abilities. Childlike in his nature and ferocious in combat he was a grand addition to the bunch once they found him.

  25. Xinmodic says:

    Finally is the Cyber Team, an earth military team enhanced to help defend the earth against imposing alien threats.

    Trey Osario, known as the ultimate soldier, even before the operation. Serving his country and world was all he cared about so when he learned about the Cyber Initiative he immediately jumped aboard. With his new cyborg body he can think faster and move faster. His cyber eye can see infer red, night vision, instant translator and x-ray. Instant communication to the rest of the team, and a vast array of other militarized equipment he is ready and able for any situation.

    Ivan Kolosov, the best sniper in the Russian military, and now the world. His suit allows him to become camouflaged in any environment immediately. And his high caliber pulse sniper rifle can shot through a keyhole before setting off a car sized explosion on impact.

    Takeda Taki, an Asian special ops. He lost both his hands in a failed assassination, but has since been given a new blaster and lazer blade. Able to turn invisible for spans of time, to both the human(or alien) eye and any and all servalance technology.

    Helga Greifelt, a german spy at once, now team cybers all around member. Her time spent being a spy in multiple agencies have given her a vast array of knowledge and abilities. Her new body allows her to move at super speeds, produce poison injection needles from all around her body, and a whip blade used for attack and as a grapple.

    Sk-117, nicknamed Skully is a cyber android with the ability to mask himself in a hologram to apear as anyone or anything. With a master computer behind him he is able to hack things almost immediately and produce an electric out-put to further increase his already incredible strength.

  26. Brons says:

    Okay, my third team should be the last. It’s the 1980s incarnation of The Night Watch, one of several teams from my superworld.

    This is actually a subset of the Night Watch of that era, whittled down to fit the 4–6 member criteria of this contest. These six represent the universe-spanning crisis that the heroes brought upon their world, altering how heroes and vigilantes have been viewed ever since. They are:

    Atomique – One of the most powerful beings of her world. She harnesses not only the power of the atom, but as was learned in the crisis, those of the reality altering Quantum level.

    Bette Noir – The latest incarnation of her world’s first costumed vigilante. Given that at the point of this story there has been a Bette Noir active for 55 years, most people assume that she is not the original, but Who Knows…

    Deadly Nightshade – Probably the second vigilante of that name, and probably Bette Noir’s teenage sidekick grown up. Her outfit and her guns harken back to those of the original Bette Noir.

    Masquerade – The faceless Mistress of Disguise, a barely reformed criminal. Her ability to assume the appearances of others is so extreme that she is thought to be a shapeshifter.

    [These three women, or their successors, are destined to be members of the Bad Girls in another decade. See team #2 above.]

    Sam, the Dragon – The Master of the Martial Arts, while appearing quite young has mastered so many different arts, that it is hard to believe he could have done so in so few years. Some say that he is Little Sam, the sidekick of the world’s first male masked vigilante, the Man in Red, which would mean that he is somewhere in his 60s.

    The Enforcer – An unrelenting advocate of peace, law and order, so dedicated to their cause that she enforces it as an armed vigilante. Years after the crisi passed, she joined The Household. [See team #1, above.]

    The story of the crisis they brought on was documented in this ‘zine:

    Originally, I was going to submit this team, and then I thought maybe I’d do the other two, that members of the Night Watch ended up in, and then I decided, “What the heck?” The teams and characters of my superworld are all intertwined, like some others, so I might as well do all three. Hope that’s OK.

  27. cliff says:

    Here are the Texas Super Rangers.

    Updated and all together.

    Lone Star


    Yellow Rose



    There is a small description of them on Cliff’s Eclectic Mayhem forme.
    Sorry I don’t feel better to poast them here.

  28. melmo44 says:

    Presenting: The Vigilantes! These heroes were, for one reason or another, denied membership into the World Justice Group, an international collection of heroes. They eventually joined with one another to take on crime their own way, outside of the WJG. They are (left to right):

    Lady Justice- trained by one of the WJG’s most prominent members, Mareena Baxon is a tech brawler, relying on both gadgets and brute strength, not to mention her twin knives. She fell out with the WJG members after her fellow hero, Wing, was killed by Mister Bedlam and she swore revenge. She was deemed too violent and ‘not a team player’ but her skills have proven invaluable to her new team.

    Empath- descended from a group of powerful magic users, Norah Bishop can read and manipulate emotions. The WJG decided that, despite Norah’s training under her mother and grandmother, that her powers were too volatile and dangerous to use in large-scale battles. She has proved them wrong as part of the Vigilantes, and has turned her back on those other heroes who doubted her strength.

    Bobcat- Trevor Young is an ailuranthrope, or werecat. Specifically, he takes on the form of a humanoid bobcat after an encounter with a strange sorcerer. Unable to rid himself of this ability, he uses it now to help fight crime. Originally, he was unable to control his metamorphosis and became a rampaging monster upon changing. He has since gained control over both through intensive training. He is inhumanly fast and has heightened senses that make him a great asset to the team.

    Siren- A mutant who’s true name is unknown, Siren grew up in a violent household. Her powers manifested at puberty, and with them she stopped her father once and for all with her ability to manipulate pheromones and her hypnotic eyes and voice. No one can resist her powers and the WJG deemed her dangerous and too eager to use her powers with lethal force. But, they couldn’t hold her either, as she easily escaped them and joined up with the Vigilantes, harboring a resentment for the heroes who tried to imprison her.

    Contagion Man- Fredrick Wellwright wanted to be a hero. He was taking a degree in science when an experiment went wrong, leaving him with the power to infect other people with nonlethal illness for up to two days. Unfortunately, he also makes himself sick in the process. The WJG thought this power ridiculous, so Fredrick found the Vigilantes. It might be unpleasant for him, but striking enemies with sickness has turned the tide of battle for them more than once, and his cheerful, joking nature is appreciated by the whole group.

  29. Herr D says:

    “The Opposed” originally, “The Team,” are more than vigilantes, they are more of a powered citizens’ watch. They catch criminals in the act, subdue them without harm, and leave them unable to escape with evidence against them. Then they leave, summoning the authorities.

    ‘Dwight’ is a nickname for the Dragon Tattoo Without A Girl. It is an infiltrator, interrogator, and extra hand. ‘Lefty,’ a frequent amputee, has a regrowable and a psychic right hand. He is an infiltrator, undercover, defender, and expediter. ‘Splat’ is a skilled acrobat and a damage sponge. ‘Dorian’ is a new kind of healer as well as the team’s IT department. ‘The Magic Bullet’ is a tiny shape-changer. It is a sentient tool and the team’s informal leader and mascot.

  30. Magna Natus says:

    The Paragons

    First member who gather ’em together and selected leader of the Paragons: “Nightquake”
    Actually, He is not an super human (and not even super rich) but he has the heart of a good man. His tactical and emotional intelligence provides advantages to all team members. At past, he struggle with public enemies even with a corrupted superhero. He used social consciousness against his enemies. But sometimes he had to fight.

    “Glitch” was the first one who become aware of approaching threat. He took precautions but he understood that no one can win the battle alone. Glitch can connect the network, reach nearly every knowledge and control it.

    Neil Hayes was a veteran officer and expert at martial arts short before his 17 years old daugther vanished. He tried every legal ways. Someday he got a mysteries gift which’s the perfect black suit. Than he become “Perfect Black” to find his daugther. Now, He’s ready to fight for more innocent or deceived people.

    Legends tell about a woman who has sacrificed for his people. “The Maiden of the Mist”
    Long after, Young and Adventurous woman find something unexpected near Niagara Falls. Than she has learned meaning of sacrifice which legends don’t talk about. She fought against demons deep bottom of falls and human heart. Now she’s ready to fight again.

    Fabien Navarro was not a good man. Actually he deceived himself at the beginning of his career. He met with wrong people, He brawled with ’em, He gambled with ’em. Than he lost. “Cursed” to “Copper Ox” until he met with good people. Now he’s ready for one last brawl to keep safe them.

  31. djuby says:

    OK folks…challenge closed. This is going to take a while, but the results will be posted later today. Well done all!