What Were They Thinking?: OH! MY! COD!

Need I say anymore?

Ok, ok, I'll say more.

So, everyone, meet Codpiece. Codpiece, meet everyone. Codpiece here is an inventor and bankrobber and his most defining feature is his, well... I'm sure you can figure that one out. The dude has some what of a large ego and somewhat of a small... well, you get the idea. He really is compensating for something as it turns out. Mind you, probably isn't the best idea to be drawing attention to your inadequacies by strapping a giant weaponised sex toy over it. Also, considering that the dude debuted in 1993 (in Doom Patrol vol. 2 issue 70, if you're interested), he could have just waited 10 years and he'd have people emailing him everyday with solutions to his problem. It might be safer than having a cannon positioned atop his gentleman's area.

I would also like to point out that the creator of this character was a transexual woman. I don't know if this explains much, but her run on Doom Patrol also covered topics like sexual identity, transexuality (both of which are good subjects) and menstration (which probably wasn't).


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