Character Design Challenge #179 (Inspired By Music) Winner

Winner: Melmo44- Frozen Steel


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2 Responses to Character Design Challenge #179 (Inspired By Music) Winner

  1. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    Congrats, Melmo. The classic marriage of hardcore fantasy to hardcore metal.

    This is always a fun challenge when it comes to interpreting music into a character or scene. Plus the exposure to the variety of songs, artists, and genres. All coming together to highlight the fan-driven, amateur, and independent spirit that is HeroMachine.

    Props to Drinkfluid for including his dad’s original track “Genie.”

    Willkommen, Nathan!

  2. Those were good–wish more of us, incl myself, had had time to enter.

    Congrats, M!

    Btw, DF–compliment your dad and his lyricist; I like the wording.