Pop Quiz…well not really.


As most of you know, Kaldath has been going through some health issues of late. Because he contributes soooooo much to this site, I thought it might be good if we let him know how much we appreciate and care about him.

So instead of a pop quiz this week, let's use Heromachine to let him know we are thinking about him.

So your "non-pop quiz" challenge this week is to create a get well card for Kaldath. On Monday at noon I will email the link to both Kaldath and his sister. Lets show some love and send some positive vibes his way.



11 Responses to Pop Quiz…well not really.

  1. Keric:
    I thought that Kald’s sister might like something printable, so that he could see our β€œcards” while he is laid up
    Hope he likes it!

    I sortta already did it! (WOW, foresight!)

  2. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    Hope to hear from you soon, Kaldath.

    @DiCicatriz: That card is epic!

  3. I am here reading, just not feeling up to replying

  4. Tons of love and positive thoughts going out to you.

    I am here reading, just not feeling up to replying

  5. http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Melmo44-Kaldath-card.png

    Sending all good thoughts your way for a quick recovery!