Anime Talk: Anime That Need a Remake!

Anime Remake

I recently saw an anime review on Youtube tackle this topic and thought that it would make a great discussion for our community. On this edition of Anime Talk we will discuss Anime Series or Movies that we believe need to be remade.

This is how this is gonna work. After the jump I am going to give you a list of anime that I personally think need to be remade and my reasons for it, and in the comments below I invite you to tell us what Anime you believe need to be remade and why.


This first one is likely to get me a lot of hate because it is such a popular Anime. That being said I think Dragonball Z can benefit from a remake and here's why.

First, there is WAY to much in the way of filler content that is there as far as I can make out only to lengthen the episode count! I would seriously count the number of episodes in half and use some of that filler space for actually character development instead of  a billion repetitive episodes of the Villian of the week beating up on Goku's friends for several episodes while Goku himself is off somewhere training only to arrive at the last minute to save everyone with yet another Power level increase in a fight that lasts one or two episodes in comparison to the 5-7 episodes of filler leading up to it,

Additionally I think the series could use a face lift bringing the animation style to a more modern appearance.


#2: Sword Art Online

Another popular anime that people will likely disagree with me on being included here. My problem with SAO is the opposite I have with DBZ, this series suffered from a major pacing issue and feels way too rushed! The first Arch of the show from the first episode until Kirito defeats the main villain to win everyone's freedom from the game was very good, but from that point on everything went down hill.  Kritio's mission to save Asuna from Alfheim Online was very rushed and in my Opinion very anti-climatic!

And don't get me started on the second season! If Saving Asuna from ALO was rushed then the Gun Gale Online arc was painfully short and in my opinion only served to introduce the newest member of Kritio's harem! From there the rest of the show felt very disjointed and episodic losing all sense of overall plot! This series can benefit from more episodes and a slowing down of the pace to flesh out the story and characters!


#3: Project A-ko

This is a fairly old anime that I first say some 20+ years ago when I was in my teens. It is a a pure popcorn anime, something designed for you to just turn your brain off and enjoy. This one I want to see remade sole for the dated animation. As a bonus I wouldn't mind seeing a more series plot driven version of the show, but I can't complain about it's lack as this was not suppose to be a series show. As a plus for our community, the main character in the show A-ko is suppose to be the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman. It is never said straight out that those are her parents, but there are way to many hints and clues for it to be anyone else.


#4: Fight! Iczer One

Another anime from around the same time as Project A-ko, Fight! Iczer One also suffers from outdated animation! Additionally while a favorite of mine from my youth it only has nostalgia going for it now a days! The first scenese are not as believable in comparison to modern anime and plot could use a bit of punching up. That being said this show has some good bones to it and would be awesome if remade correctly!


#5: Vampire Hunter D

Now this one I am going to sound contradictory because I LOVE Vampire Hunter D but it still needs some help! The Animation while slightly dated is still beautiful, however a little modernizing wouldn't be a bad thing so long as it maintains the dark Gothic feel of the original. The character are all a light one dimensional and more then a few of them are very bland, so a remake would benefit the movie by paying more attention to the personalities of the supporting characters. Address these issues and Vampire Hunter D can go from a Good movie to a GREAT movie!*


Well those are my suggestions for Anime that need a remake, please tell me yours in the comments below!



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8 Responses to Anime Talk: Anime That Need a Remake!

  1. JR19759 JR19759 says:

    Way to pick a contentious subject K.
    Personally, it’s quite hard to pick out anime that “need” to be remade, depending on how you’re defining needing to be remade. My personal favourite anime series is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which was a remake of the original FMA series only it actually followed the manga rather than being basically bad fan fiction, so that’s a good example of a series that needed it because the original wasn’t very good, but I can’t think of too many series in that position. (On the opposite end of that spectrum, I heard that they’ve remade/ are remaking Berserk, which they really don’t need to touch and by god if they do anything to the series ending it will start a firestorm).
    But then you’ve got series that don’t “need” to be remade but could do with bringing up to date. Astro Boy would be a perfect example of this that they’re redoing at the moment. Classic character, who debuted back in the 60’s, bringing him up to date in a modern superhero anime would be great and there’s lots of scope for audience. You could aim it at a young audience, like the original series or you could go for the older teen audience because superheroes will sell to either and it will still draw in people who remember one of the older series (there’s been a few). Other examples are series from the 80’s/ 90’s that were longer running popular series that haven’t aged as well with the advances in animation or changes in characterisations and peoples views on certain outdated character tropes (Sailor Moon is a good example of both of these, classic series that doesn’t look as good today and, as strong of a female character as she was for the time, Sailor Moon still ain’t no badass, lest we forget that she has defeated villains by crying before now).
    Then you’ve got anime that need remaking for the reasons you’ve said when talking about Dragonball Z and SAO, too much filler (that’s just any long anime, Dragonball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Pokemon etc.) or too short to have serious plot/ character development. And with the later, I would have one suggestion, though it really pains me to say this, Gurren Lagann needs a redo. The current series stands at 27 episodes and two movies (which are basically each half the episodes put into feature length format with some changed scenes). What I would like to see, which could ruin it but could also make it even better, is add some filler. Just enough to bring the series up to 30- 35 episodes, not a lot, but have these episodes focus on the secondary members of Team Dai Gurren, because they aren’t very well fleshed out and (SPOILERS for anyone who doesn’t know) most of them die in the last 3-4 episodes. And that’s a problem because their deaths mean almost nothing to the viewer, who doesn’t get enough time with them to get invested in them, with the exception of Kittan who actually has the “best” death in the series, even over Kamina. I’d keep everything the same, maybe update some of the scenes to reference scenes from the movies, and add a few episodes that give these characters a bit more personality and background. Have Jorgun and Balinbow playing with Gimmy and Darry as kids during the time between Kamina’s death and the battle of Teplin, that way it gives their sacrifice much more meaning and it makes the twins much less one dimension than the two shout-y thick brawler guys. Expand on the relationship between Iraak, Kidd and Zorthy, why these three aren’t really ever seen appart, because that gives the former two’s actions in the first battle with the Anti-Spirals, as well as their last stand, more depth and more of a punch. So have a few more episodes to expand on those bits and nothing else would need to be touched. Or even just one or two episodes and scatter a few scenes here and there in other episodes, just something to add depth to the characters.
    But that’s all I can really think of at the moment.

  2. Avatar The Atomic Punk says:

    Dragonball Z … the anime that almost made me quit. Aside from Saturday morning cartoons, I was not much into anime. Then someone suggested DBZ. It is so tedious and dull.

    You’re correct, Kaldath. You watch 4 or 5 episodes of nothing but “training” then some 30 second fight then back to “training.” It doesn’t move. Maybe there’s some zen or other Japanese cultural aspect that I’m not getting.

    I do like the idea of remakes if it’s to update the animation. Simply re-run the originals with fresh paint. My particular anime would be Thunderbirds 2086. It’s fine as is but compare its art to that of even Space Dandy and you’ll know what I’m saying.

  3. JR19759 JR19759 says:

    Actually, just thought of another show that desperately needs a reboot up the ****.
    WARNING: I am about to nerd-rage hard. My apologies for this.
    CAN WE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ARCEUS HAVE A POKEMON ANIME THAT DOESN’T HAVE ASH KETCHUM IN IT. Let’s be honest here, the Pokemon anime, when it started out, was only good because a) if you were of the generation that was playing Pokemon at the time it was one of your first introductions to anime because you were a kid at the time or b) if you already had a number of anime under your belt you most likely weren’t playing the games because they were so blatantly marketed at kids. Ash spent his first two regions being a terrible trainer, I will take no arguments. He wouldn’t evolve his Pokemon, which is one of the first things you learn about in the games and THE most important aspect of the games apart from shoving the little buggers inside impossibly small capsules, and when he did evolve them they either didn’t listen to him (Charizard) or he released them (Butterfree, Pidgeot, Primeape). And this is a kid who aims to be a Pokemon Master? Now starting in Hoenn, 6 or so years after the first season aired, Ash started to get better, he’d evolve his Pokemon (Sceptile, Swellow, Glalie, Donphan, Infernape, Torterra, Staraptor etc.) and he’d actually do well in the leagues he entered. Sure he wouldn’t win them, but he got to final 8 in Hoenn and final 4 in Sinnoh, where he lost to a guy with a Pokemon that is still banned from competition by The Pokemon Company and another legendary Pokemon, and to give Ash his credit, at the end of the 3rd Gen anime he beat all of the frontier brains and was offered the chance to become a frontier brain himself, but turned it down because he wanted to chase a regional championship instead and visit other regions, which makes sense and led to the best arc in the entire series in Sinnoh. But after Sinnoh, they took a massive dump on Ash and his Pikachu, that for some reason can’t decide if it wants to be stupidly overpowered (ignoring the type immunity that Ground type has when facing Electric type moves, I’m looking at you first gen anime…) or pathetically weak, and see him lose to a new trainer in their first match with their brand new level 5 Snivy. Thus begins the Unova arc, which sees Ash revert to where he was at the start of his journey almost 15 years prior, forgetting type match ups, being belittled by his travelling companion Iris, even going into a gym battle with only a single Pokemon believing it would be the only thing he’d need to win. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t and I actually stopped watching the anime for a while afterwards because of how stupid it was (it was even against my favourite gym leader of that generation and that generation is possibly my second favourite and full of some of the best gym leaders in the series). And it was this season that also saw Ash run a SPECIAL SCRAGGY. WHY?! Scraggy has base 35 Special Attack. His Physical Attack is 40 points higher. Why? And then we get to the XY series and Ash gets a Goodra, a pseudo-legendary Pokemon (and one of my top 5 favourites of all time by the way). He evolved it from it’s basic stage, Goomy, took it into a gym battle where it wrecked house. What does he do next? HE RELEASES IT!!!! The most powerful Pokemon he’d ever owned, he just pushed it to one side, for really no good reason.
    So basically, what Pokemon needs to do is, if not reboot the whole series, just start a new side series that focuses on the protagonists from the games and the events from the games (gym battles, evil team encounters, legendary pokemon) and nothing else. No 30 episodes worth of filler (this has happened, the time between Ash’s 4th and 5th gym badges in Sinnoh was ridiculous), no releasing amazing Pokemon, no competitions to see who faces the Elite 4 once all the gym badges have been obtained (even though this concept makes sense). You have two protagonists as well, male and female, so have each do one of the major facets of the game, one goes for the gym badges and takes on the Pokemon League, the other tries to catch them all. Because that’s one thing the current anime completely skips over. Ash gets a Pokedex as a sort of after thought, for the people who don’t play the games so they know what the Pokemon of the episode is.
    Now they’ve kinda already done this and Origins was good and all, but 4 episodes… really?They only focused on Kanto and even then they skipped all but 2 of the gym battles, the entire Elite 4 and all of the legendaries barring Mewtwo. Do Origins for every region and include everything. Sure the 2nd gen arc would last ages because two regions, but Gold never got his chance to shine in the anime and the vs. Red battle would be amazing in an anime style.
    Digimon has shown that it is possible and workable to swap the main protagonist with each series and Pokemon has an even better base to work on than the do, because they do it every 3 years like clockwork. Pokemon, DO THIS, NOT THAT! Do to Ash what you did to half of his best Pokemon and leave him behind. Your audience is more intelligent than your product by now.
    Ok, rant over. For now.

  4. Avatar Funkmachine7 says:

    Filler is always point less but it’s a necessary evil for an on going series.
    Pokemon did get really repetitive and failed to actually go anywhere.
    A long running show should cycle out it’s main cast have them move on to different things, after all you can always bring them back later.

    Look at how power rangers has used retuning actors to build it’s mythos.

  5. Avatar Worf says:

    I personally would love to see some of the 80’s/early 90’s stuff that I watched updated in style, like Bubblegum Crisis/Crash (don’t care for 2040), Fist of the Northstar, Dirty Pair, Lodos War. I wouldn’t change much of the stories if any, because that’s what made them so great.

    Project A-Ko would be in there as well, but I`m not sure about changing the little story there is. It was meant as a spoof of all the other famous animes of the time.

  6. Avatar Malfar says:

    After watching old and new versions of Hunter x Hunter I look at almost every anime from a position of “How could it be updated”. Some character redesigns, slight episode differences. I mostly think of such titles as Kill la Kill or Blue Exorcist though.

  7. Avatar KrymzonOE says:

    I really want to see a Kingdom remake. Well, not so much a remake as I want to see a continuation.

    I would say Tiger Mask bbbuutttt thats already done 🙂

  8. Avatar SF Edwards says:

    I would love to see the original SDF Macross remade. The original is great but the animation, in certain key episodes especially, has not aged well. If they could update the look and story along with what they are doing with the constantly delayed Macross the First Manga it would be golden. A lot of the animation issues were due to budget and farming out animation to lesser ability studios. The story was also trimmed and then expanded during production due to popularity, so coming in with a planned x# of episode run fully plotted would help a lot.