Kaldath’s Caption Contest #72: Results

Last week I asked for you all too caption this GIF:


And the top five entrants as judged by me are:


Deadpool “Everyone treats Deadpool like a door mat! ANY ONE ELSE WANT TO WIPE THEIR FEET?!”
Deadpool: What a lovely day! Nothing can g-

Hulk: Deadpool! Am I getting warm?

William A. Peterson
“Okay, so Hulk was mad about that putting his hand in a bowl of water while he was asleep thing! But, THIS is so far from his usual stomping grounds that he’ll NEVER…”



“I am one with the wind and sky

Let it go, Let It G-”



“Mondays are the best day of the week! I said, Mondays are the best day of the w……UGHHHH”



And your Winner is ..............................


Deadpool 2


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