Kaldath’s Caption Contest #71: Results

Last week I asked you all to give me your best caption for the following Gif:

Thor 1And here are the top five entrants as choose by yours truly !


Katmir Stone
Verily Pikachu, thy Thunderwave cannot… [ZAP]… Ouch.
Trying to escape the Friendzone
“Behold with Endless Wonder, the God that Blunders, Mighty Sore!”
Herr D
“In our ever-expanding search for perpetual motion, we have designed the HyperThoric Chamber.”
Next week on Thor: It’s the Thunderdome!
And your winner is ...........................


Thor 2


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3 Responses to Kaldath’s Caption Contest #71: Results

  1. YES!!! Thank You! And I’d like to thank Stan Lee, the members of the Academy, Punsters everywhere, and.. Oh, This ISN”T for an Academy Award?
    Oh, shucks! Thanks, anyway… 😀

  2. [sneaking away with envelope] It’s NOT the academy awards?! What’s this, a bill? [puts it back]
    I was never here, right? [dashes away, calling back over shoulder] Good one, WP!

  3. hahaha! awesome! congrats, WillyPete