Character Design Contest ♯129 (Heads Up) Winner & Public Service Announcement

This poll has been very unusual. It was led for most of the week by someone who has won both polls he's been in this year and then basically overnight the person in second place jumps 25 votes to take a very comfortable victory. Now I'm not accusing anyone of anything (I can pretty much guarantee our winner wouldn't have cheated and I doubt our second place finisher would do so either, considering how the poll turned out), but you have to admit that there is something fishy about the result. All I can say is, if I do find out that someone is fixing the vote on any of these CDC polls, there will be consequences. If it is a contestant, then they are going to be banned from competing for 4 contests, and if it is an outside party then the polls are going period, and I'll just pick a winner. These contests are for fun, and people trying to skew the result in favour of one person takes away that aspect, not to mention if these contests were actually competitive, well, we all know how fixing a result is viewed in sport don't we.

But anyway, enough of that. Let's put the negativity aside now and get back to normal business. The winner of this weeks contest is DiCicatriz for his entry Threshold Transformation. Congrats DiCi and well done to everyone who entered.

129 DiCicatriz_Threshold_Transformation.png~original

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14 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯129 (Heads Up) Winner & Public Service Announcement

  1. CosmicComics says:

    Yeah, this is bullshit. This not the first time this happen.
    There is obviously a cheater here. Well done guys.

  2. djuby says:

    Do you need to be a member to vote? Could the voting be restricted to one vote per username rather than one vote per day per isp#? That might tighten things up. Just an idea.

  3. JR19759 says:

    @djuby- I have set all of the stuff up already (apart from the being a member to vote thing, which I don’t think is possible).

  4. Herr D says:

    Great work, ev1!
    @DiCi: It’s a shame what happens in those black market plastic surgery parties, isn’t it?

    **at moderators: There IS actually a way to make only members vote, but I don’t know how much work it would be or how it might cut down on voting. Pick a place in the Forums, make logging in a requirement to get there, and put the poll there. A link from the blog would guide us.

    Thanx again for all your work.

  5. DiCicatriz says:

    Welp. I saw how far behind I was earlier in the week and just figured it was a lost cause so I hadn’t checked in. I mean I appreciate people liking my images, but not if it’s like this. Plus these polls are fun, but certainly not anything worth being so shady over.

  6. Lime says:

    This will probably be an unpopular idea, but maybe try keeping the tally hidden? (If that’s possible.)

  7. JR19759 says:

    @Lime- Yeah, it’s possible, I’ve done it before. But those polls always get much lower turnout.

  8. WillyPete says:

    Ahh, yes, the old “I must win at all costs” contestant ploy…
    I remember it well!
    Sadly, that was back in the days of UGO, and the controls here are completely different,
    so my knowledge is long out of date.
    I really don’t like the idea of getting rid of the polls…
    Having just one person pick the winner all the time is what lead us into the quagmire that
    the HeroMachine section on UGO fell into in the first place, and making it a Poll kept things
    interesting for a lot longer.
    Yup, security measures are a MAJOR pain, but I think they’re worth it…
    Good luck, whatever you decide!

  9. Arioch says:

    Arf, I love having to chose between talented contestants, and would be sad to see the polls go.

  10. Skoul says:

    I find it hard to believe that anyone on this site would cheat on a poll, It’s such a friendly and inviting place, but there is obviously something awry. I would hate to see the polls go as they bring a whole new level to the contests. When I first started entering contests, sure I wanted to win, but my main goal was to at least make it onto a poll because if I couldn’t do that then I had no chance of winning. A contest without polls doesn’t allow you to see how much better you’re getting because you either win or lose, there’s no consolation.

    If i had to suggest one ultimatum, it would be to make two separate identical polls, one posted on Facebook say and the other in the forums, It would at least give you an idea if it’s an inside job or deter any miscreants. Unfortunately it would require totalling the numbers from both polls, but it’s better than no polls at all.

    And congrats DiCi!

  11. cliff says:

    Well for one thing its DiCicatriz and he’s awesome.
    Two. Isn’t the polls on the facebook page? Could have been a surge from there.

    Having said that. I have really like the poll, BUT have always thought we should get one vote per poll period.

    Just my two cents

  12. djuby says:

    I agree with Cliff. One vote per poll per login name. I think you might find that the high voting numbers are from fewer people voting daily or even from different isps.

  13. Skoul says:

    I admit that one vote per poll per login name is a good idea, but it wouldn’t stop any mischief from non forum members, unless it was one vote per IP.

  14. djuby says:

    The problem is that some will have a home IP, a different one at work, and one for wireless so the possibility of 7 votes per poll becomes 21 if they are cheat inclined. If you had to be a member and log in in order to cast your one vote that might be eliminated, or at least diminished.