Kaldath’s Caption Contest #62

Ladies and Gentlemen it is once again time for our caption contest, however before we get started I have a bit of an announcement. I have decided to stop doing this contest as a weekly thing and instead will be returning to the format I had when I first started it. Starting with this one the caption contest will be bi-weekly from now on, meaning that I will be posting a new contest every other week with the contest winners being announced during the off weeks.

Now with that out of the way, it is time for all you machiners out there to give me your best dialogue for this image:

Beast boy 1


The normal rules apply, which are: You are limited to Three (3) entries which are due by 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday March 31st. Of course I as always expect you to keep your entries no worse than PG-13 in nature and that you follow all the normal rules of the forum when writing your caption for the above image. That being said I wish you all Good luck!


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20 Responses to Kaldath’s Caption Contest #62

  1. Oww, who threw these giant letters at me?

  2. 1) Unf! I found your invisible force field, Cyborg!

  3. 1. Hey would you get me one of those O’Green Ales in the frid–
    2. That bird isn’t REALLY blind is it–yeah, okay.
    3. You mean I coulda had a V8?

  4. 2) I’ve got the agility of a shark, the ears of a fox, the eyes of a haw-..!
    3) OW! Why is the Invisible Jet in the food court?!?

  5. @JR

    I just choked on my milk laughing at that line. Can we all just give up now and declare him winner? πŸ˜€

  6. Ouch! Who let the invisible woman in here?

  7. Hey! I’m not as blind as a ba….

  8. Hey, who invited Booster Gold?

  9. 1. Ow!
    2. Ah!
    3. Hey, Where’s the…

  10. @Sabrina Yep, I agree with ya, haha

  11. OK! I’ll quit hitting on Raven!

  12. Avatar FastestFalcon

    Hey, everyone, I just discovered the cure to cancer and- *BAM*…ouch!…wait, what was I talking about? Eh, must not have been important…

  13. My nose! Now I’ll never be a teen model!

  14. D’oh!

  15. Google is clearly the best search engine. Bing totally su-

  16. Avatar FastestFalcon

    ^Me everytime I put my heart and soul into a character and don’t make the top five. lol:P

  17. @Fastest Falcon- Really dude?! Do you really want to start that after what happened with Roseweave in the comments of CDC112? If you don’t like how I judge the contests then tough, I’ve been doing it for nearly 100 contests and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon so either like it or leave.

  18. 1.) LET IT G–ow.

    2.) Oooh, shin–Okay, I’m focused now.

    3.) Found the invisible thingy…again.

  19. 1. I think the SFX team ran out of letter combinations… I’m part of the comic and I’m still not sure what “bngg” sounds like.

    2. Hey, girls, did you hear what’s happening with One Direc… OW! What was that for???

  20. Avatar FastestFalcon

    @JR19759, when I posted that I had no idea what had happened in the other forum. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to start anything, I thought I was just being funny.