Kaldath’s Caption COntest #56 – Results

Two weeks ago I asked you all to give me you best dialogue for this image:

Superman Christmas

and these are my top five out of the entries given.


Hey kids, Superman here! Let’s see what happens when we mix a dried-out Christmas tree, lighted candles, and an ol’ geezer in a flammable Santa suit. Yule-time fun…oh…er…I mean, only you can prevent Christmas tree fires.
Herr D
TWO men who can fly around the world at incredible speeds, have base at the extreme North, move through lit fires unharmed, and care if you’re naughty or nice? Course we’re bros!
Now who wants me to use my X-Ray vision to tell them what they’ve got?
 Sorry, children, but I’m staying behind the tree. I’ve had too many bad experiences with Lex Luthor and Christmas presents that ALWAYS seem to be Kryptonite.
Jimmy Olsen, get out of line! I’ve told you before, you’re too old to sit on Santa’s lap!
And your winner is ..........................................


Superman Christmas2

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    That Jimmy’s a sneaky one.