Character Building with JR19759

As promised, part 1 of the new mini series of videos here on the Blog on Tuesdays, starting this week with posing. I did focus mainly on one pose, but I threw in a few other bits as well, and the principles I go over whilst making this pose can be applied elsewhere as well.

Hope y'all find it helpful. Oh, and sorry for my voice, the fan on my Mac was going crazy during the recording, so I had to filter and EQ the buzz out afterwards and it makes my voice sound a bit weird. Hopefully it won't happen next week.

Remember to leave suggestions for costume ideas for next weeks video. If there are any things you've seen someone do on Heromachine that you'd like me to go over, feel free to say and I'll see what I can do (it might be an idea to leave a link to the HM picture you reference if you do so).

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11 Responses to Character Building with JR19759

  1. Skoul says:

    This isn’t so much a suggestion as a question but I want to be able to cover a hand in blood. Of course if you try to mask onto the hand the hand just holds the blood, I wanted to know if there is a way around this? Thanks.

    Good video by the way!

  2. JR19759 says:

    @Skoul- What I would suggest is masking the blood pattern to a circle insignia that is sized to be the same size as the back of the hand. It will take a bit of messing around to get the circle to match right, but it will work so it looks like the blood is actually on the hand.

  3. Skoul says:

    Thanks JR I’ll try that!

  4. Herr D says:

    Another is to color an ‘irregular’ shape, like a spider tat so that some of its legs are over the fingers and mask it to a shape that cuts off the other legs.

  5. Nug says:

    Cool video! I didn’t know you could exceed the 999 limit on sizing objects. I about died when you said that neck piece went walkabout!:D

  6. JR19759 says:

    @Nug- I probably coulda found it, but it would have taken a while and wouldn’t have been very interesting (as you can see, I’m not very good at commentating over just moving the objects into place).

  7. Herr D says:

    That was a good bit of info about size limit cheating. –Hm, about commentary? Have you ever tried recording in character? Some people are freer, have more fun, when pretending to be someone else. Like if you did a posing video as if you were doing play-by-play of a race or something.

  8. Nug says:

    Oh I understand completely. It happens to me all the time. I usually end up deleting the item, then add it back, and move it in shorter distances. It’s just refreshing to know it happens to other people.

  9. CantDraw says:

    Dude, that was brilliant! As soon as I saw you put that second head in place for the shoulders, my mind went into whole bunch of directions for what I could do with that. Looking forward to the next video.

  10. Torog says:

    Amazing stuff JR. It is a perfect illustration of the power and versatiilty of the “Machine”. I too am looking forward for more videos.

  11. cliff says:

    I thought you did great JR. I really loved your video, should help a whole lot of us.

    I do think the hand just hanging down might he better if you used just the finger ends so it looks like her palm is flat on the surface and the fingers off the seat.

    We won'[t talk about how many times I’ve forgot multiples button, BUT if you only do the one error you can hit UNDO and it will correct the error and put things back so you don’t have to lose all your hard work.

    I’ve never mess around with the code to up-size over 200% but have went onto the SIZE grid and put the number desired from 201-999 into the two white rectangle boxes which shows the current size.

    Sometimes when I lose an object I’ve upsized I just spin the ROTATE dial till I see it and position it back where I need it

    I look forward to other videos in the series.