Over-Sharing Day



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9 Responses to Over-Sharing Day

  1. Ummm… What you trying to say, JR? 😛

  2. Nothing, I’m too busy laughing at the fact that no-one at DC noticed this.

  3. They didn’t notice ’cause they were to busy staring at her space boobs. Just saying…….

  4. They noticed eventually…because they decided to reboot her as slut that screws anything

  5. Apparently 😛

  6. Heh-heh, heh-heh, Dick! Heh-heh, heh-heh!

  7. wearing that outfit she will get all the “Dick” she can handle!

  8. Them super women will hurt you. Last time I was with Supergirl I spent fifteen minutes dangling by my po-po’s between her thighs when she had to answer the phone. Next time, it’s Batgirl!