Batman told you to do what?



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8 Responses to Batman told you to do what?

  1. Holy heartless, Batman!

  2. You know, even ignoring the accidental entendre, using a prepubescent boy as bait to lure in criminals is kind of a weird move…

  3. @Stulte- I had to try so hard not make make any very inappropriate remarks pertaining to such when I was titling this post. Looking back at some of these old comics panels does make you wonder about if they actually thought about this sort of thing at all ever.

  4. Actually, Stulte, that was pretty much what “Robin, the Boy Hostage” was DOING in most of those Comics!
    And, JR… Thought? THOUGHT? These writers had a DEADLINE to meet! There was no time for Thought! 😉

  5. Makes you wonder how much of the Wayne Foundation’s money went to bribing Child Protective Services…

  6. Does it make it worse that his name is Dick?

  7. Didn’t really mean the same thing, back then…
    And, skybandit? Child Protective Services? What on Earth would that be?
    One of those Fenian plots to turn our Nation Socialist? 😉